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Unhealthy Foods to Avoid At the Airport

Everyone desires to prepare for a flight to make it as comfortable as possible. The worst-case scenario for many tourists is getting unwell or feeling unwell at the airport or on a plane. Many people have to spend hours there waiting on their flight between the early recommended time to reveal up and potential delays. It results in the choice to have a meal throughout the unfastened time, and thankfully there are many restaurants located in airports today. Airport foods are regrettably hit or miss. Some places provide wonderful foods whilst others should lead to an uncomfortable flight following it.

Here is a list of 11 unhealthy foods that all people should avoid at the airport:


One surprising food that can become a messy problem at the airport is yogurt. It seems like a delectable and wholesome safe desire to have as a quick snack at the same time as flying. The trouble is the foil-crowned plastic containers that contain yogurt aren’t made to take in the air.

Yogurt boxes often blow up like balloons within the air and splatter everywhere if establishing it without hesitance. It requires a slow-opening procedure to avoid the issue; however, the mess could still head your way to dissatisfied you and those sitting next to you. Yogurt is delicious however not worth the hassle of a humiliating moment that upsets others.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are some of the maximum unexpected matters to keep away from consuming at the airport. Most could count on such healthy alternatives would be the safest wager for a fast bite before flying. The hassle is that raw fruits and greens have the highest danger of sporting bacteria which can make you unwell.

Airports aren’t recognized for putting a whole lot of time into short fruit platters or salads. Cooked objects are usually a safer guess than the products you want to believe is healthful. Don’t trust the fruits or veggies at your airport and risk getting unwell because of them.

adfasTaco Bell Fiesta Taco Nachos

Stress can cause heartburn, so if you’re a nervous flyer or involved approximately delays, you are already at risk for acid reflux. Don’t make it worse by ordering Taco Bell’s Fiesta Taco Nachos. Not only will the spicy “tacky molten hot lava sauce” and jalapenos make contributions to your heartburn, but the nachos also are crowned with beans, whose well-known gasoline-inflicting effect simplest receives worse in the sky. The dish’s 990 calories, 59 grams of fat, and 1,840 mg of sodium definitely won’t do you any nutritional favors either.

Hard-boiled eggs

You have to instantly recognize why this is at the list in case you’ve ever had difficult boiled eggs or maybe worse been inside the presence of someone else consuming it. The fragrance of the food is already potent. Some human beings sense queasy just getting a whiff of it in their general presence.

The eggs also cause gasoline and offer every other dynamic of poor moments at the airport before the flight. Hard-boiled eggs would pinnacle the listing of the most disrespectful ingredients to consume in public, especially while flying. Anyone bringing hard-boiled eggs on the plane will become the maximum hated character on the flight.

Pan Pizza

Pan Pizza is often defined as precise meals to be loved at any time. There’s a perception that even the worst Pan Pizza is still a fulfilling food. This isn’t always genuine while it comes to buying a slice of Pan Pizza at an airport restaurant.

Many airport food locations will have food like Pan Pizza out for the whole day. The food remaining inside the incorrect temperature for a long sufficient time can pass badly. Pan Pizza is a smooth item to now not assume twice approximately, however it may make your stomach experience pain. Besides, the first-rate of Pan Pizza at an airport is possibly a number of the lowest on the taste scale.

Starbucks Specialty Drinks

You want to be skinny for your vacation, so you order something sugar-unfastened from Starbucks before takeoff. Unfortunately, Starbucks uses the synthetic sweetener sucralose in a lot of its sugar-free beverages. For a few unlucky flyers, this preference might also turn out badly, as sucralose can reason bloats and gasoline for those who don’t technique artificial sweeteners very well — and this can handiest be intensified inside the air.


Burritos have become one of the most beloved ingredients in recent years. Chipotle dominates the eating place industry with a maximum of their sales coming from burritos. Everyone is trying to coin in on the burrito craze, along with airports trying to make bigger their eating place alternatives for vacationers.

As tasty as they may be, burritos are a number of the most obvious meals to avoid ingesting on journeying days. Bathroom time is restricted when flying and burritos should make that a tricky flight. Do the smart component and keep away from the temptation of a scrumptious burrito. Just wait until in your destination town to indulge within the craving far away from an airport.

Cinnabon Roll

Cinnabon lures you in with its scrumptious scent and promise of sugar heaven. Stay away! Don’t permit the first-rate scent of considered one of these traps you in. A classic roll has 880 calories, 17 grams of saturated fat, 58 grams sugar and 820 mg of sodium; this roll must be left a long way behind.


Pretzels stand out as a potential best food at the airport. Most humans want a snack that is straightforward to order and devour quickly. Unfortunately, many of the locations to provide pretzels at numerous airports cause them to be greasier than ideal for a day of flying.

The problem is their pretzels are often extremely salty and greasy. It can lead to stomach troubles hitting proper away earlier than an extended flight. An especially more healthy pretzel could be fine; however, the greasy one must be avoided.


The convenience of hummus makes it an excellent dish at most times. Many things can be dipped into hummus for a variety of meals. Some people even determine to consume it on their own. However, an airport might not be the right place to have hummus as your meal of desire.

Lentils, chickpeas and numerous spices in hummus frequently cause gas. That is not something you need weighing on you as soon as your flight takes off. Hummus is delicious but no longer worth the problem of a clumsy and uncomfortable flight heading to the restroom more than one time. Save the hummus for while you land and have your own time.

Double Bacon BBQ Burger

The food options at an airport constantly come with some fear that they won’t be organized well enough. It is advised to move for fowl meal choices in case you are having a meal with meat at the airport. Other meats require extra cooking at a better temperature for perfect safety.

Double Bacon BBQ Burger is one food object that could lead to a person getting ill if undercooked. Anything status out negatively about your burger after ordering at the airport is worth the concern. It is the first-class bet to go for any other meal option, due to the fact a scrumptious burger isn’t well worth the hazard of a disillusioned belly on the flight.

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