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Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Party

Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Party

If you’re feeling stifled inside your home, you could put together a party to bring some family and friends together for a good time. However, because of the COVID-19 situation, you need to be mindful of social distancing and sanitation. An outdoor party is perfect for this because you have more room to work with than a home or an enclosed venue, along with plenty of air circulation. Put our tips for hosting an outdoor party to use so that your event goes well.

Make Detailed Invitations

Detailed invitations might not seem all that important, but they can make a big difference on your party. Since you want to keep everyone safe while they’re there, you should include information about keeping masks on, using hand sanitizer, and maintaining safe separation between people of different households. Knowing what to expect will help your guests prepare appropriately and eliminate confusion and conflicts during the get-together.

Decide on Food

A central detail of any party is the food. Therefore, a tip for hosting an outdoor party is to decide on the food well in advance. Think about whether you’ll need to cook some dishes, cater, go to the store to buy food, or a combination of these three. Some catering services may require you to call several weeks ahead. Note that you’ll need to avoid buffet-style serving due to the health risks this could create. You should instead create individual portions of food that you can give to people. Just make sure you have enough food to allow you to cover those who want seconds as well.

Provide Some Shelter

The appeal of an outdoor party is that you get to spend time in the open air. However, guests will still probably want to have some form of shade from the sun. For this, you’ll need to provide some shelter for them. If your party is small, a covered patio may be sufficient. For a larger gathering, you could rent a larger outdoor tent that you can set tables and chairs within. Consider what size tent you need based on your guest count and select a model accordingly. A good shelter can also serve as a backup if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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