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Professional Dress Code Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Professional Dress Code Mistakes You Need To Avoid


Whether your workplace is smart-casual or staunchly business-professional, there are some things you just shouldn’t do when you’re at work. Dress codes matter quite a bit, and every office or workplace has one. No matter your dress code, there are some universal truths to follow if you want your coworkers and supervisors to see you as a professional. We’re going to go over some professional dress code mistakes you need to avoid if you want others to take you a little more seriously at work.

Forgetting To Groom Yourself

Your clothes are very important to your overall look, obviously, but they aren’t the only part of you that matters. Your face is where people will look the most, so it needs to convey professionalism. No matter what gender you are, most people consider tied-back hair more professional than loose. Trim any facial hair so that it falls cleanly, and don’t cake on makeup if you happen to wear any.

Showing Too Much Skin

We’re not saying you can’t ever show a bit of skin here or there, but there is a limit if you want others to take you seriously in a professional setting. The following rules apply to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or dress code, if you want your colleagues to perceive you as more professional:

  • Don’t have too many shirt buttons open
  • Don’t wear shorts or skirts that are too short
  • Wear footwear that covers as much as possible
  • Long sleeves are always more professional than short ones

Wearing Ill-Fitting Clothing

If there was ever a professional dress code mistake to avoid, it’s wearing clothes that don’t fit you correctly. It can be a problem with those just entering the workforce, as they don’t have as many clothing options in their closets. Once you are able, buy some clothes that fit your form the right way. Clothing that is too tight or too baggy can make you look unprofessional.

Wearing Clothing That Is “Loud”

Loud clothing includes any piece that draws a lot of attention to itself. For example, loud shirts may have sayings on them or come in complicated patterns. Even a very bright color may be too loud in a professional environment. If you want to appear more trustworthy and respectable, stick to clothing with more muted styles and colors. It may restrict your sense of style a bit, but it will improve your ability to look professional.

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