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Things To Know Before Moving To Barbados

Things To Know Before Moving To Barbados

With the world of working from home now more familiar than ever before, many of us find ourselves wondering about other possibilities. If we can work remotely, can we move somewhere more enjoyable and suited to our desires while still maintaining our jobs? Many people have had similar thoughts and have chosen to make their work from home backdrop a little more relaxing, tropical, and pleasurable. If you’re thinking that tropical island life is for you, consider these things to know before moving to Barbados to determine if this is the right locale.

Island Living

Island living can be a bit of a culture shock, especially if you’re used to the hustle and bustle of city life. Escaping the rat-race means slowing down your pace. Being a non-native resident means you’ll most likely need an adjustment period to get used to the way the island and its inhabitants move through daily life.

Hurricane Occurrences

Though Barbados isn’t exempt from hurricanes, it is located outside of the hurricane belt. It hasn’t seen a major hurricane since 1980, though its island neighbors have seen many more tropical storms. There is occasional flooding during the rainy season (June to October), but this is seen most commonly in rural areas.

Welcome Stamp

Currently, Barbados is offering a twelve-month Welcome Stamp that allows non-natives to live in Barbados for an entire year, pending an application acceptance. Restrictions regarding long-term residency vary depending on age, immigration status, application, and eligibility. Ordinarily, you can stay in Barbados for up to six months without a visa if you are a US or UK citizen.

Healthcare Options

When relocating to a foreign place, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their healthcare system—where to receive it, how to obtain it, and emergency contact numbers you’ll need to know. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you know where clinics are located. Finally, be sure to obtain private healthcare insurance and make sure you fully understand everything it entails.

Cost of Living

You’ll want to research the cost of living compared to that of your current residence. You will need to account for the cost of flying, moving furniture, obtaining living quarters, and dining. Be sure to budget for expenses and set an emergency fund aside to keep yourself comfortable.

Finding a Home

The best way to find a home in Barbados is to work with a local real estate agent. These professionals have insider information on different location options, the protocols for renting and buying, and local laws and restrictions, and they can help you communicate effectively with sellers or landlords. These are a few traits your Barbados real estate agent should have to be able to find you the housing that is the best fit for your budget and needs.

There are many things to know before moving to Barbados. Doing your research and planning accordingly will help greatly. This experience should allow you to find an idyllic residence that still b allows you to accomplish your occupational tasks. If you’re working remotely, why not consider the possibility of doing it in paradise?

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