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The Biometric Pass

The biometric agenda is all over the world now. Can you see it? I’m pretty sure you can. Unfortunately… We are now living “The Book of Revelation”, and we all know how the book ends.

The greatest trick ever was the devil convincing people he didn’t exist. It seems like how our complete society actually functions that way…

Biometric is the gateway to the microchips, and those bring no good… We don’t have 15-20 years ahead anymore, we are about to enter Matthew 24 Vs 9-14, revelation 13 Vs 1-10.

sdfcsdA biometric visa entry/exit system was also mentioned by Trump in the election campaign. Our deadline is this year to get the real idea. ID2020 is being enacted! Biometric Digital ID is delivered via DNA-altering Vaccines. The easiest way to control a population is to make them afraid… Introduction to Fear Class 101!

To be completely honest with you, there’s one thing that really makes me sad – there are so many people asleep and there are so many people who do not realize what’s coming.

Satan was right – people were working for him to push this technology. And what about the global economic system? Think of it this way –  Starlink + Quantum computers + Artificial intelligence + 5G + Blockchain + Neuralink + all Electric vehicles = Total human mind and Electronic CONNECTIVITY, GLOBALLY.

They are trying to program us, can’t you see? They plan to wipe out the majority of the world like their Georgia Guidestones state. They don’t actually need humans anymore, so no better time to roll out machines and robots all over the world. And why would they do that? Because they will be the ones doing all the work allowing for the greedy to heap up treasures/money for themselves here on Earth and in their underground bunkers. Yes, you’ve read that right… And you know that’s the truth deep inside your heart.

Satan has convinced them that they will live forever. That’s definitely the only path for them because of what use are stashes of money when you’re going to die anyway?

This is why Jesus said that we must store up treasures for ourselves in heaven, not here where we can lose all the treasures and our lives too. In heaven, we have eternal lives with eternal treasures which are far superior to the money and gold of this world. Everybody on the planet knows the chip is part of the mark of the beast and yet they get chipped anyway… IDIOTS. They have robots with cameras following people around in the airport. ID2020 is being enacted! Biometric Digital ID delivered via DNA-altering Vaccines.

afadfsfdIt’s a shame that the majority of people will accept this demon chip. We will want the mark just like the Book says. The biometric visa entry/exit system mentioned by Trump proves what he’s EVIL & a fantastic ACTOR. Aren’t all presidents?


The schools are having 5g installed under the radar while they are closed for the past decade, they’ve been systematically connecting all the schools with underground cables. My little nephew is one of them doing it. It could be another piece to the puzzle…

Have you expected all this to happen?

In what world we will soon live?

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