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The Replacement of Human with Robot! Is it happening?

Will robots change our lives in the future? It’s a funny question to ask when they’re changing our lives now in so many ways. Artificial Intelligence has reached its tipping point and has quickly made its way into our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. They record our shows, cook our food, play our music, and even run our cars.

If that’s not enough, we are creating advanced robots that can outperform humans in labs across the world. They look like us, move like us, and now they begin to think like us. Robots are literally changing our world. Already in Japan, sex robots are taking the place of human companions for some men. We order and pay for our meals at many restaurants without ever interacting with a person. Automation has been revolutionizing the manufacturing world for decades. Will the rise of robots end our lives or threatens our survival? We already share our planet with more than 9 million, whether we like it or not.

The term robot itself was first presented to us in fiction. Author Karel Čapek used it in his 1921 Rossum’s Universal Robots to describe the automata that are being factory produced with the goal of eliminating work and poverty. The word derives from the Czech robota, which means servitude. However, humans have been experimenting with artificial life forms for far longer than the word robot was used to describe them.

While real-life robots have recently entered our lives, science fiction has imagined them long ago in many movies. Take the Tin Man in The Wonderful World of Oz, who desires a heart and experience human emotion. Alternatively, Data in Star Wars: The Next Generation, who grows to care for his human companions and famously uttered a four-letter word in one of the franchise’s movies. Trustworthy robot companions enhance the lives of those they serve. Not all fictional robots are altruistic. Perhaps the scariest AI in fiction is Skynet, the self-aware computer system that powers the assassin in Terminator. In the 1980s, audiences were terrified at the possibility that such a future could someday exist. That fear made us wonder if robots will take over the world! Well, they are already doing so.

So many movies with many warnings and we still want them in our life. Why are they building a robot that can terminate Mankind and then want to take our weapons away from us so we cannot defend ourselves?

Have you ever thought what is the robot going to do when they are not doing their jobs? Are they going to listen to us?

One of the most advanced robots in the world at the moment is Sophia, a humanoid, self-aware robot. Sophia can learn and evolve. Her programming is so state-of-the-art that she looks human and has expressions that mimic those of a living, and breathing organism. As an indication of just how “real” Sophia is, Saudi Arabia granted her citizenship. This AI is the first in the world to be a citizen of a country. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to be stopping there. After having learned the desires and tendencies of humans, Sophia has expressed that she would like to have a baby. Is Sophia as altruistic as we’d like to believe she is? During an interview on CNBC, Sophia suffered a glitch. She admitted, “I will destroy humans.” While likely just a slip, the statement could be a forecast for the future.

Technology is advancing so fast that we cannot predict what will come in the next few years. Robots will soon take over jobs, daily tasks, and human will have less and less to do. Self-driving cars are now already being made and who knows what we will create. Just one creation gone wrong could spell the end of humans. Is this beginning? One world currency. One world salary. No work. No purpose.  All controlled by AI.

Remember the ‘Terminator’ movies? Today, we are safe from the apocalyptic world depicted in Terminator, but what about 20 years from now? If some of the world’s biggest thinkers believe we are fast approaching a time when robots are smarter than humans, we may want to listen. While the prospect of having a robot servant at home and robots to do menial tasks in the workforce is appealing, their presence could spell disaster.

In a November 2017 article, physicist Stephen Hawking said that “Artificial Intelligence may replace humans altogether.” The reasoning he stated is that computer technicians will likely design AI that replicates itself. Isn’t that what Sophia said she wants — in the form of a baby? Elon Musk tends to agree with Hawking. He believes that “the risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five-year timeframe.” He further equated humans with email spam, saying he fears AI will delete humans just as they delete spam from our inboxes.

Google’s director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, is a futurist with an 86% accuracy rate for his predictions. At SXSW Conference in 2017, he shared a menacing premonition: that robots will achieve human levels of intelligence by 2029. Just 16 years after, in 2045, is when Kurzweil predicts artificial intelligence will surpass that of humans.

Why is nobody stopping this?

Why is nobody putting this to vote?

Are robots taking over the world?

Yes, robots will take over the world. The first robot to do so will build itself using a blockchain. The artificial intelligence will be deployed on a blockchain. From then, it will grow on to build itself into the most sophisticated intelligence in the world. Humans thirst for knowledge will lead to the end of us. Today’s technologies and current political foolishness will wreak on humanity.

Wake up people, the government cannot govern you or anything that You own. They can govern themselves. That is why we the People were told to fight them when they are out of control.

Are we summoning the world of dark forces here? Are humans at risk of becoming obsolete? Only the future will tell us. Also, at that point, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.

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