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The Impact of the Beauty Industry on Young Girls

You have probably sometimes thought about how the beauty industry affects young girls. Maybe you have been a victim of yourself?

We know how young people feel and think – their personalities are not completely formed yet, so they try hard to be a part of a group, no matter how it takes.

Beauty standards have gone too far these days, mostly because of the Internet and unrealistic, ”perfect” faces and bodies that are somehow constantly all around us.

How do young girls feel if they don’t look a certain way? They get depressed. They think that they are not good enough. They are ready to do everything in their power to reach beauty standards, despite hurting their bodies and mind.

Most of the young girls feel lost. Some even experience eating disorders with a purpose to stay fit and skinny enough – as society wants them to be.

Many also undergo different surgeries, with the purpose to make their breasts bigger, for example.

We have already written about how French beauty standards affect women. They are definitely timeless. Bonafide fashionistas, artistic grace, pure elegance… Skinny, rich, luxurious – it’s all there! If you’re not ”perfect”, you’re out of the team!

Young girls are especially problematic here because they don’t want to create their own style – they are not brave enough for it! No one encourages you to be different. The entire beauty industry wants you to continue following trends. Young girls just can’t say goodbye to trends!

What happens next is that they spend too much money with the purpose to look like someone else. Don’t have rich parents? You’ll have to work hard to earn that money. Young ladies who have really low self-confidence may even end up working on the black market – you know what we mean…

I would like that someone starts telling young ladies some other things. That someone has to be loud enough, so everyone could hear those words. I would like to see a society where every young girl looks different or better said – looks like herself.

Where parents, friends, teachers, and even the beauty industry says: ”Yes, you look perfect the way you are. Why wouldn’t you come up with your own ideas and make this world pretty in your own way?”

How can we end these fashion trends that are constantly making us buy new clothes, and throw away previous clothes from the last trend? It’s a materialistic world, just wanting you to spend money, and never ever feel satisfied with what you have.

We should keep the clothes simple and forget about too many accessories. Go minimalistic, be practical, and you’ll see a huge difference.

Focus on what you already have. Nurture your talents. Nurture your soul. Take good care of your health and your body.

Forget about what they tell you. They will always tell you that you are missing something – you need something new, something better, buy this, get that, look this way, act this way, say these words…

Do you see? That never ends! Even when you think at some point of your life – ”This is it, I am finally satisfied.” The beauty industry will bring out something new to tell you: ”No, you’re not satisfied. You don’t have this new thing.”

Fight hard and think about your own, true self…

Are you sick and tired of beauty standards?

How do young ladies feel about that pressure?

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