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Beauty Affects Men’s and Women’s Brains Differently

Everyone always claims that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it turns out that its understanding comes from the different parts of our brain. And, of course, I want to discuss how the brain works here when it comes to different genders.

Let’s say that a man has seen a beautiful picture. How does his brain proceed with that information? For men, beautiful images of all sorts activate those brain regions which are responsible for absolute location terms. So, their brain recognizes beauty in terms of x and y grids.

And what’s the difference with a woman’s brain? Actually, woman’s brain activates the same regions, but it also turns on those that are responsible for locating objects in relative terms.

But why is that so? We can try to find the answers in our evolution. Men were the hunters, while women raised the family, usually in the caves. Men had to train their parts of the brain that are responsible for fixing objects and hunting them. Women, on the other side, had to think in a different manner – to stay safe with their young and to take care if something happens in the environment.

zdfsdIt is not a secret that we still today think of beauty in a different manner. Women usually think of something as beautiful if they can also hear that beauty. Easily explained – a woman will consider a man more beautiful if he is capable to talk in a smart way. Men, on the other hand, will be blinded by the beauty itself because of the first impression. You know how that joke goes:”Women fall in love when they listen to something beautiful, while men fall on looks. That’s why men lie and women do makeup.”

Okay, now when we have laughed a bit about that joke (which is for some people true, you must admit), let’s see what else our biology says about our brain regions and understanding beauty.

Science also claims that women have been collectors for so many centuries, while men were hunting. Today, women still don’t have the same orientational skills as men do, but modern society is pressuring us to develop it. For example, driving a car. Because of such obligations both men and women have in our society, it turns out that our brains are about to work the same in the recent future.

Our brains have shaped because of our roles throughout life. Today, the roles are almost the same, and the brains will follow those changes.

Soon enough, men and women will be capable to see beauty in completely the same manner.

But, of course, always keep in mind that we all have our own individual preferences. What is beautiful for some men and women, doesn’t have to be beautiful to you too. Here, I have explained how this works mostly on art and beautiful pictures and landscapes.

When it comes to relationships, things are completely different. There, it’s more important what you consider attractive as an individual, which is shaped by your own life experiences.

sdfsfdWhat do you consider beautiful?

How much do you know about our brain, science, and biology?

Is that enough for understanding the world and people around us?

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