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Massage Center in Lahore

Is it possible to receive a traditional massage in Pakistan safely?

All these stories put us under pressure. Very strong limitations on our outings, impossible to see his friends, strict confinement, mask or no mask, as constraints … First step towards the light, next Monday, the restrictions are partially lifted, we will be able to resume a life a little more normal. After all these emotions, we’re going to want to enjoy, have fun, and deserves. And to do this, we never invented anything better than a good massage. This treatment has been known for millennia to bring comfort, to re-balance the body, to release nervous tensions, and generally to control the stress of our daily life. Even more so in these troubled times.

But the question arises. Is it really prudent to go to an institute, Massage Center Lahore, or spa in Lahore to enjoy a massage in these times of epidemic? As we know, this virus is spread by microdroplets, directly from someone’s mouth or through contact with the hands. We are recommended a social distancing to protect this.

Massage Center in Lahore

Isn’t all this contradictory to a traditional massage in Lahore?

Let’s answer that right question with another question. Is it possible to be welcomed into a Massage Parlour to receive a Thai or Full Body to Body massage safely? What would it take to stop taking any risks?
At our Saabira Spa Salon and Aesthetic Institute in Lahore, Pakistan in the Gulberg-3, we have the answer to these questions. Here’s what we’ve planned to give you some relaxation, safe anti-stress.

First of all the masks. This barrier measure has gradually become very effective for protection against the virus. So we’re going to ask you to come to our institute with your unstained mask. You will wear it for the duration of the massage. Similarly, your expert masseuse will also wear a high-protection mask. If you have forgotten your mask, we will make one available to you.

Before your massage, we will ask you to wash your hands with soap. Our Massage Girl will do the same. Efficient washing lasts about 20 seconds. In your massage room, you have access to the perfect sink for this operation. So you’ll both have perfectly clean hands. So masks, effective hand washing but we went further: we changed our massage protocol.

A classic Thai or Full Body to Body massage protocol involves a massage of the back and back of the body for about 75% of the total massage time. During this sequence, you are lying on your stomach, your head is comfortably nestled in a header. Your face, mouth, nose are oriented towards the ground. The backside is the most important because it is in the back, the neck that most of the tension is lodged. We will focus on the backside of our new special coronavirus protocol.

Finally, our Saabira Spa & Salon and Aesthetic Institute is basically a place of impeccable hygiene. Every cabin is systematically cleaned after treatment. We will set up a special cleaning covid 19 with bleach so that the cabins are always at the top of the cleanliness.

How to Reach Saabira Spa Salon the Best Massage Center in Lahore?

You only have to call on this number 0305-4600545 Miss Saabira or Sir Nasir will pick the call then he’ll guide you to the place but its basically in Gulberg-III (Gulberg-3) Near Liberty Market.

24 Hours and 7 Days Opens its on you when you want to come.

Come Fast here is our Deal  Only 4500 Pkr for Full Body Massage in Lahore


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