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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Jewelry To Wear

While just about everyone loves to wear jewelry, absolutely no one says fashionably doing so is always an easy task. You’ll find that knowing what piece goes with which outfit is more of an art than a science. Through practice, though, anyone can develop the eye to spot those mistakes to avoid when choosing jewelry to wear.

Wearing Pieces That Aren’t Comfortable

One detail that people rarely mention is comfort. When it comes to looking good, what matters most is how you feel. While some gaudy colors or certain styles of necklaces might be all the rage at the moment, they won’t do you any good if you feel uncomfortable wearing them.

Besides mentally feeling confident, you also need to be physically comfortable. Many designs and styles look great on the shelf, but once you try them on, you discover just how sharp, heavy, or scratchy they are. Don’t be afraid to pass on a necklace if you already know it will become tangled in your outfit and jab you throughout the day, even if it looks great.

Inducing Visual Chaos

One of the most common mistakes to avoid when choosing jewelry to wear is putting on too much. To wear jewelry tastefully, you need to give each piece room to speak for itself. While many people enjoy synching up a veritable hoard of bracelets, rings, and bands all over their arms and hands, this isn’t best for everyone. Try to save dripping-with-jewelry looks for the days you want to flaunt your style. Be more decisive and subtle with your regular wardrobe.

Permitting Conflicting Statements

Part of avoiding visual chaos is ensuring your selected pieces aren’t conflicting conceptually. For instance, choosing a mishmash of metal colors rather than sticking to the same across your entire outfit can make your look appear busy. Are you going for the muted earthiness of copper, the fiery energy of shiny brass, the illuminating glimmer of silver, or maybe the decadent beauty of yellow gold? When jewelry pieces with different colors of stones and metals mix, they can feel out of place.

The same goes for the imagery of each piece. A string of pearls is very subtle, whereas an opera necklace tends to be loud and gaudy. Though they’re both beaded-string styles, they’re conceptually different in form and mood. Try to keep similar pieces together. For example, pearl earrings can complement a string, and a costume vintage jewelry ring can go with the opera beads.

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