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Demon Faced Gargoyle Making Jokes At Denver Airport

Can you take a moment and remember anything that reminds you of Denver airport? Have you ever realized how it actually has the demonic blue horse for which it is very known for? The seal of Colorado, for example, has the all-seeing eye in a pyramid on it too. Besides that, it has fasces as well.

It is completely clear now-they have just added a second demon! If you have been to Denver airport in the last time, you have been able to feel how something is actually hidden there. It is a completely creepy place. All that land that surrounds it also has some story…

What is going on here is definitely how people are staying ignorant in front of so many symbols which can be related to Antichrists. Do you think how this can be actually a sign of how the whole world is belonging to Satan? Barely anyone thinks about this… Yet, we have a huge problem.

xvsfsThe sad truth is how people will think of this as something funny. You know how that goes-Demon faced gargoyle is making jokes… How can something be wrong with that? It just stands there to make people laugh? Or does it? …

As far as we can all remember, comedy has always been used as a form of mind manipulation. That is exactly why they are representing Satanic creatures and symbols that way. People accept it easily in ”funny form”, as already said above.

It’s all fun and games for them. Denver airport is actually completely creepy and anyone who goes there can feel how the evil stuff is hiding all around. Or is it hiding anymore?

We have the reality which is entertaining a Demon, while everyone is talking how cute this is and so on. This is beyond sick and stupid… The problem with people is how they easily accept so much stupidity while they are refusing to start behaving responsible and kind to each other, for example. As you can see, everything that is wrong is accepted as a piece of cake! That will completely kill us all…

They’re mocking us in order to hide the truth and trying to desensitize the look of a demon. Everyone who just thinks about this for a moment will realize that, wouldn’t you agree?

Demons are able to manifest themselves into literally anything. What do we have here is a demonic robot which is already manifested! Do you have to be religious to see that? Not at all…

You know how it is said, if you want to hide something completely, the best is always to ”hide it” in the plain sight. In that way, no one will be suspicious about it, right?

For example, Hollywood has used humor for years with many purposes, but most of all so we can accept some things as normal (and which are not normal at all). We have been desensitized to sin for many years. People are used to accepting anything and just giggle about it. They don’t think. They have no critical thinking. That is the whole problem…

Satan is working hard to deceive people. To those in the dark-wake up people! Everything is completely in front of our faces!

And, I want you to remember, gargoyle used to be smaller, and was down below at baggage claim, by the roundabouts, but people complained about how it was disturbing. And what happened? They took the gargoyle down, animated it, and you name it… It is now the greeter at the airport!

”Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” – Isaiah 5:24.

asdadDo you believe how everything will actually just go further?

Will it continue to get worse?

Will you let your child talk to that Demon faced gargoyle?

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