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Inflation – why & how it’s happening (This is just the beginning!)

I hear people here and there constantly talking about how they cannot afford this or that anymore. When you start talking to them and trying to explain why things look that way, they will probably tell you this sentence: “Oh, I cannot think about that or take care of that, I have my own problems.”

But, this is our problem. People think that this is something temporary. In fact, this inflation is global and will not stop soon. In many smaller countries, we have imported inflation. Yes, there may appear to be a temporary price cap locally, but it will be of little use. The agony will only last longer that way.

Globally, we need to understand that we are all poor. We have been living within a standard that is unrealistic for many decades. Yes, that’s what materialistic society has brought to us, and capitalism, overall. 

Now, we are facing that unrealistic materialistic world collapsing because uncovered money has been pumped on a global level for a long time. That money is now so devalued that it artificially provokes a crisis.

If you think about crises, just take a look around yourself. First, it was a pandemic. Now, it’s war in Ukraine. Of course, we’ll see what’s next.

What’s the point? The point is that this world and society need a new redistribution of power in the world, primarily in the military and economy.

Plastically explained to those who still don’t understand – The great powers maintained their power and standard thanks to the colonies and wars, drawing their wealth in people, products, knowledge, raw materials or you name it.

After the collapse of the colonial system to maintain power and standard, rich countries in power began to print money without cover. This means that an American or European citizen, for example, could not have lived by that standard if money had not been printed. And it’s not just the standard of the common people that matters, but the production and accumulation of weapons, especially in the United States. Besides that, we have large corporations that have incredible amounts of cash in their accounts for which there was no real money, so they were reprinted.

However, now so much money has gone into printing that it has become completely meaningless and everything has been devalued. Of course, an American or some other European president cannot go out in front of the people and say that we have been living unrealistic lives for decades. How to tell so many people that a salary of 3000e is not realistic?

They cannot admit that now because social unrest would break out and they would probably be born. What is actually happening with all those “rich” capitalist countries? They have all long gone bankrupt.

That’s why we have pandemics and now a war in Ukraine. It’s all happening in order to justify what has already collapsed. They can now mask everything in front of people this way.

Those fake balloons are about to burst. Numerous countries worldwide are besides everything mentioned – in loans.

How have you understood this world of inflation?

Do you agree with this article?

Is there something else you would like to add?

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