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How to present yourself to potential dating partners?

We’ve all experienced a Failed first dates, unreciprocated love, and lonely nights. But the right person is out there waiting, and you will find that special someone when the timing is right. What you need to do – don’t give up!


Check out following few points!


Be friendly: What counts as ‘attractive’ can vary. Sure, some people are just beautiful. But other, ordinary-looking people can be very appealing if they give off positive energy. Smile; be involved with what’s going on around you. Immerse yourself in several different conversations; bounce around the room. Try to be the light of the party.


Maintain your curiosity: Everyone at any event has something in common with you, knows some random fact that you might learn, or has a story to tell. Sometimes you may have to work to find the interesting nugget, but if you stay curious, you’ll find something. Each person you talk to will appreciate your attention. Potential partners may notice that you’re pleasant, engaged, and treating everyone well. It’s attractive when someone has the ability to connect with multiple people of different backgrounds and personalities, indicating he or she has strong interpersonal skills and a lot of depth. Curiosity is attractive!


Don’t be too egotistical: Talk a little about yourself, especially when asked, but focus your attention on the other person and on topics of mutual interest. Do your best to keep an even balance in any conversation, sharing just as much about yourself as you are learning about the other person. Make sure to be polite, but not formal or uptight. Show that you have a mind of your own without being opinionated. State your own views on a topic, and then ask the other person’s. Be friendly, but not pushy.

sfsefBe more personable: Join a group conversation. Don’t huddle in a corner with a friend or two. It’s important to work the room at any social event. If you’re in a more intimate setting, however, try to be the one to keep the conversation going rather than the one who waits for questions to be asked.


Don’t make it your mission to find a partner: You’re likely to come off as pushy or ‘on the make’, which isn’t appealing. You’re much better off making it your mission to meet interesting people – any gender or relationship status. There is a glaring difference between trying too hard and being interested in getting to know others. Discover how to express romantic interest without crossing the line of being overwhelming.


Avoid being overly abrasive: Being loud and opinionated is scary to new people. If someone doesn’t know you well, being over-the-top, as you might be when hyper or in a certain mood with your friends, could be a huge turn-off. Do your best not to deflect potential partners before you even have a chance to show them who you are.


Relax & let situations play out as they may: To be more approachable, relax! If you’re wound up or feel like you have to find a date, the anxiety will get in the way of being your authentic self. Breathe. Keep your eyes open for people you might be interested in, but don’t make that your sole focus. Don’t wait to be approached. You can approach interesting people in a low-key way. Comment on the food or the setting. Most people are glad when someone else takes the initiative.

sfwefBe yourself: Everyone’s definition of attractive is different. Present yourself as comes naturally to you and don’t try to change anyone’s opinion of you, attracted or not. Be your unique self – that’s as attractive as you can be.


Don’t force it: Don’t assume someone isn’t interested in you unless you get strong signals that they’re not. Some people are just shy. They may be very interested but too nervous to act on it right away. If the signals aren’t clear, don’t be pushy. Stay curious and engaged as you would with a potential friend, but not more than that.

When it comes about finding a potential partner, the search can seem utterly fruitless and even torturous at times. Everyone will have their highs and lows before finding someone who is right for them, as a number of outside factors affect to settling into a relationship. Relax and use a platform like “”

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