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How To Make Your Anniversary Special at Home

Next time you’ve got an anniversary on the calendar, consider celebrating it at home. Spend a day with your partner and commemorate the occasion without leaving the house. Check out some tips on how to make your anniversary special at home, and let that home be the perfect venue for your celebration.

Dress to the Nines

Make the occasion extra special by wearing your finest duds. So what if you’re not leaving the house? Grab that outfit you never get to wear, whether it’s an evening gown or a wild costume, and wear it to your at-home bash. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! You’ll love paging through them on your next anniversary.

Make Your Own Movie Theater

Clear some wall space for a projection screen and pick your favorite movie. (It could even be your wedding video!) Pop some popcorn, set out a platter of snacky finger foods, and turn down the lights for a movie theater experience.

Have Gifts Delivered

Order a few surprises for your partner! Have some sweet treats delivered to your door, or subscribe to a wine-of-the-month club. The week leading up to your anniversary will be a joy on its own as you and your partner open those packages.

Write Love Letters

Get a head start on anniversary gifts for next year by handwriting heartfelt love letters to one another. Seal them up (with a kiss if you’d like), put them somewhere out of reach, and look forward to opening them next year.

Dance the Night Away

Do you remember the steps to your first dance? Put on the song you danced to and enjoy the time moving with your partner. YouTube also has a wide range of delightful dance lessons for you to move through, from salsa to swing.

If you’re not in the mood for a grand night out this year, bring the celebration to your home. Make this year extra special by creating your own romantic experience without leaving the house! You’ve learned how to make your anniversary special at home, so start planning now for your next special day.

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