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The best time to make out during the day

Ever wondered about it? Not really? Well, if you haven’t thought about the best time to make out during the day, you have probably spontaneously realized that your libido is sometimes higher and sometimes lower. Love morning sex? What about your partner?

Experts believe that the key to having an enjoyable make out time and having satisfying sex is for partners to find a way to synchronize their libidos. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Various researches also believe that another good time for sex is early to mid-morning when men’s testosterone, a hormone they produce during sleep, reaches the highest level. Men are more interested in initiating sex during this window and are more capable of a better sexual response.

hgfhgWhat about ladies? For women, sex drive usually depends on their menstrual cycle. Most women desire sex in the middle of the month, during the fertile days (but keep in mind that all women are different and have their own needs). When we talk about the best time to make out during the day, ladies claim they like to do it in the evening or late afternoon.

Looking to conceive? You might want to advise about it as well. A particular European study found couples are more likely to get pregnant during morning sex. Why? Due to the same thing mentioned at the beginning of this article – high levels of testosterone that has been refreshed during sleep.

Sex is a powerful thing, you cannot doubt that. In addition to improving your mood, sex also has the magical ability to whittle your waistline. And new research shows it could even lengthen your life! Orgasms act like a cure. They are capable to lower down our blood pressure, relieve menstrual cramps, and also make your serotonin levels high (not surprised, right?).

A lot of people due to their busy schedule leave romantic times with their partner for late in the day but new research says the best time to make out is much early in the day. Ladies, have you heard this?

There is a high chance that you already know that hormones have huge implications on your sex life, as well as the feelings you experience afterward – and yes, even the pillow talk…

As it turns out, these hormone peaks and tanks throughout the day when synchronized with your partner’s, could lead you to even more enjoyable make out time than you’ve ever experienced before. So why not try it?

What’s the best time to have sex then? We have seen that it is not the same for men and women, or better said – our desires and bodies are different. But, according to experts, let it be around 4 PM. For women, this is when the hormone cortisol peaks, and brings with it energy and alertness. At the same time, men also experience high levels of estrogen, which makes them more emotionally present during sex.

The best would be to combine morning and afternoon sex. Why not both?

sfgsLet’s summarize it! For conceiving a baby, the best time to make out is early in the morning when the lady is in her fertile days (usually the middle of the month). For romantic make out, do it around 4 PM.

And if you want to make your man happy, why not in the morning?

How much do we actually know about our sexuality?

What is the best time to make out – for you?

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