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Here’s how to know if your partner is faithful?

Generally, we don’t spend a lot of time and energy worrying about whether or not our partner is faithful because the way they treat us gives all the reassurance that they aren’t stepping out on us. But if you’re wondering how to know if your partner is faithful, just pay attention to how they treat you. Instead of focusing on all the hints and clues that your partner might be cheating, let’s put a positive spin on things and focus on all the ways to know whether your partner is cheating on you.


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They are open with you: Does your partner act shady and like they’re keeping secrets? If yes, maybe they aren’t faithful. Sign of a faithful partner is that they’re always open. They do not try and hide texts or emails and when you ask them how their day is or where they’re going, they don’t get defensive or jumpy. When someone is faithful, they have nothing to hide.


They have emotionally intimated with you: Intimacy, particularly emotional intimacy is a positive sign that your partner is faithful. The problem and a major red flag is a partner who begins withholding it. Intimacy, both physical and emotional is an essential component of a healthy relationship. Denying intimacy can be a sign that your partner doesn’t want to connect with you anymore, which might be because they are connecting with someone else. Intimacy in a relationship should be a connector, bringing you two closer.

fwsfewThey never question your commitment: The clearest sign that your partner is faithful is how trusting they are of you. If they are more likely to assume or suspect the same as you. If you’re incessantly being questioned, asked what you did last night, if they are checking your phone, it might be because they are the one who isn’t being trustworthy. If they seem to have a strange focus on cheating, it could be because their mind and energy are focused on cheating. It’s like when someone is pregnant, and all they see are pregnant people. Or if you get a new white car, suddenly all you see are white cars. You see what you are doing yourself.


They invested in the relationship: If someone is cheating, they basically have one foot in and one foot out of the relationship. So, they are a lot less likely to put in the kind of work it takes to make even the healthiest of relationships strong. A partner who is fully committed will be all in on the relationship. If your partner is making a conscious effort to be fully present and engaged when in your presence, that’s a good sign.


They are consistent: When someone is faithful, they are comfortable in their own skin, instead of trying to portray someone else. Their mannerisms are consistent and their communication is consistent. Different than this is someone who is cheating and thus finds it hard to distinguish who they are around their partner from who they are around the ‘other’ person.

qwdsaqwdWhile all these are really positive signs that your relationship is in a good place and that your partner is faithful, it’s no substitute for good communication. If you have a solid foundation of communication in your relationship, you’ll be able to openly and honestly talk about your feelings.

Who has time to be with someone they have to constantly worry about cheating? No one!


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