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COVID – Second Wave

It seems like how almost the whole world has found itself in the second wave of COVID-19 disease. Of course, there are some countries that are still in the first wave, mostly in Africa, but there are also some countries that are in the third wave, like Sweden and Serbia.

How does this one look like? Is it the same as the first wave? Well, not really…

When we compare the first wave to the second one, we can easily realize that now we have more infected people. Even the smallest countries in Europe are recording thousands of infected people per day.

But when it comes to the rate of mortality of the coronavirus, it stayed approximately the same.

asdfwWhat’s the most frightening about the second wave is that the capacities of the hospitals worldwide are already full, and the wave has just recently started. We can also see that dozens of countries worldwide are in lockdown again.

Besides that, COVID’s second wave will last the longest. There are even some predictions that it won’t pass until July next year. Some other experts claim that it will definitely last until March.

Why are some countries in the second wave now, while others are in the third? Probably because of the reaction on the first wave. In my country, Serbia, we had a complete lockdown in March. Quarantine lasted from May until the elections came. And after that strict lockdown, our country went straight into the second wave, which was definitely hardest than the first one.

Those countries that wanted to build herd immunity (like Sweden), are now in the third wave.

The other countries that didn’t have such a strict lockdown are now in the second wave.

But then again, how many coronavirus waves we can expect? That’s hard to say, but it is believed that this won’t end until the vaccine is created.

When it comes to herd immunity, we are now the witness that people can get reinfected, which means that this madness won’t end that way.

Do you remember when everyone was talking about how the sunshine will kill coronavirus? Oh, ”good old times”. Now, we know that we don’t know anything about this virus, and it is behaving unpredictably.

Yet, the mortality may not even be 2%. When you just think for a moment about the entire situation, you will easily realize that 80% of infected people don’t have any symptoms – NONE!

So, how many people are infected today that don’t have symptoms? We don’t know yet, but it is obvious that those are usually younger people (yet, that doesn’t always have to be the case).

Please don’t be afraid of this disease. Be sure that you do what you can do, to protect yourself. Still, the best would be to work on your immune system.

asfdwefChange your diet for a bit. Try to escape sugar. Eat more veggies and fruits, but carefully wash them.

Also, you should get plenty of sleep and moderately work out. And the most important thing – keep yourself away from the stress.

How to achieve that? Stop watching TV. It is obvious that everyone is panicking and trying to make you frightened.

Believe in your body. Live your life if you can, in your own manner.


When do you expect coronavirus to disappear?

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