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Coronavirus or when humans think they’re in control

We’re not in control. only ONE is in control. Instead of being one step ahead we are two steps behind. This is not the first time the Coronavirus has surfaced. About 100 years ago there was also a Coronavirus pandemic. We should now be more advanced than back then, so it is expected that our society is fighting it easier and better? Back then, this same virus also started in China.

Remember The Contagion movie? It seems like how that pandemic movie is getting more and more real by each and every day.

Everyone is freaking out because of so much news coming from the media. It’s not a coincidence so many movies and shows are about depopulation and sickening the world. It’s called predictive programming… This season will definitely be so memorable BUT FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS!

In 2001 3g towers were installed and we got Ebola. In 2009 4g Towers were installed and we got influenza. Now, in 2020, we got 5g towers. We now have Corona viruses. But it’s not only about that. It is about people not living as one with nature. Not respecting it. The way they behave with animals is not acceptable. That’s completely sick! If you haven’t taken a look at some of the videos coming from Wuhan’s market where they sell wild animals, you better not even try because I promise you it will give you nightmares and anxiety.

This is affecting everything, even sports. This is a sad way to start a new decade, definitely. That long-waited, special 2020 turned into a horror.

Even The Simpsons ‘predicted’ this happening. Tom Hanks got Coronavirus as well! Madness…

And what will happen after it? If there is after for some of us… This is going to hit our economy really hard! No more fun…

Games are gone, traveling is significantly declined worldwide already and it will just become like that more and more by each day. Tourism, shows, all those expensive special dinners won’t bring money into the budgets of the countries no more.

Not everyone has their own vehicle, so moving from one to another part of the city or country became very hard.

Ladies and gentlemen, the last recession is going to seem like a walk in the park if this trend continues…

A worldwide pandemic and it still takes a YEAR to develop a vaccine? You see now that the world is not working on the important things ”in our free time”, don’t you? Besides that, many countries say they don’t have enough money to fight this. And you know why? Because they steal for themselves, buy things for themselves, and invest money in most ridiculous things (for example, they have created a football stadium in Serbia which costs millions of dollars, while they don’t have enough hospitals).

More than 5 million have already left Wuhan, and just imagine where they went, just imagine… It’s almost as if they went out on a mission.

An eyewitness says he just got back from a Coronavirus hot zone, and no one there seemed to notice. And did you know that the virus suddenly killed political leaders in Iran? And then just a few days later we found even more Iranian dying from it. The other day, they announced the Coronavirus killed the ‘Butcher of Tehran’.

Thermal sensors at airport, Incheon, Korea - 23 Jan 2020Does this not seem odd that a middle eastern political hotbed like Iran is losing their leaders quite rapidly and they all seem to die of the same virus? It appears obvious that this virus is the perfect excuse by which to perform a political takeover by making their citizens think their assassinated leaders simply got sick and died of the virus.

This virus can also be used as an excuse to lower the population of some overpopulated nations. Sick or not, you will be dragged, tagged, bagged and then buried to help lower the populate. In fact, there is some evidence that they are incinerating bodies right now in Japan due to the “black rain” that’s falling. Later, they will again tell you that ‘same old’ propaganda shows how we don’t have enough children today and how everyone should start working ‘on population’. Madness.

There are many websites and videos proving this is all a scam. We must think about that as well. In fact, right there in China where it all started, we saw a video of the quarantined people yelling from their windows – ‘It’s All Fake!’ when government officials came for a visit. And we mustn’t forget how the need for a cashless society is necessary so as to have perfect control across the board when Rome’s final agenda towards the mark is realized.

If you have a voice, but no money, you’re effectively silenced (so they think). And so it is expected that claims from the corrupt World Health Organization who are controlled by the Vatican, inspired and controlled United Nations, is now declaring contaminated cash may spread Coronavirus. And their pawns in China are listening…

Reports are already out there saying China is looking to go cashless due to the Coronavirus. It must be digitized for absolute control to prevent the people from seeking any relief as they did with their man-made Ebola pandemic years ago.

People need to realize this as the norm for these really are the very last days. Besides the fact, the ground zero data was destroyed by Chinese authorities when asked to present their info on how it all started.

‘We do not expect most people to develop serious illness’. How yes no…

This virus now allows the corrupt government officials to actually claim a pandemic is at hand which they know gives them the legal right to round up the people in the cities just as prophecy says they will need to do very soon. This is why the Vatican controlled World Health Organization just announced a global pandemic alert even though the numbers are nowhere near that level. So, they have even begun doing this as well now.

In the Seattle-area, officials are now poised to order involuntary isolation and quarantine methods on the people of their state. And the city of New York is actually setting up a fake Coronavirus ‘containment zone’ where they will deploy National Guard to assist.

This is martial law!  That all being said, have you ever read the Executive Orders Roman Catholic President John F. Kennedy penned in his day and Jesuit trained William Jefferson Clinton put in force decades later? See what they plan to do in every city when they finally decide to drop the other shoe and go nationwide. Look at what the Roman Catholic political leaders have already set up in the United States of America. Notice the legalize Executive Orders on the books RIGHT NOW!

How are you trying to protect yourself in this world of madness?

Do you believe that the Coronavirus won’t be stopped until 2021?

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