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What is the biggest change we need to see in the world?

Everyone is constantly talking about how our society needs some particular changes, but barely anyone goes in the right direction. It seems like how when it comes to change, scientists and experts are only talking about new technological achievements, some new treatments and you name it. But, the truth is, our society is constantly just repairing something.

And why wouldn’t we prevent something from happening rather than fixing that later? Aren’t we capable of constructing completely new ideas and ways of life?

adfasfdsIn this article, I want to share with you how I look at the things in our lives. I have gone to university and studied philosophy and human development. Therefore, I’ve constantly thought about how no one has still tried to make some different changes in our world. Take a look at the list below and feel free to express your personal opinion.

These are the changes we need to see happening all around the globe.

‘That’ war thing… You’ve probably realized how when it comes to war, barely anyone thinks anymore about all those weapons which are created by each and every day. No one is talking about war, but everyone is prepared? They are even marching every year in every country (I guess to show everyone ‘how powerful they are’), and no one thinks that’s weird. Have you ever seen a lion from Africa attacking lion from India? No, right? Yes, you’ve got the point. We should stop killing our own kind. Have you realized how ridiculous that sentence sounds when finally said?

‘That’ lie thing… I often feel sorry for older people because they are most of the times easily cheated. When I take a look at my grandparents, I, unfortunately, must say how they believe to those lies they hear on the TV. Unfortunately, the Internet isn’t the same as well as it was in the beginning. I think how they have even created it that way so people thought how the Internet is a place where only smart people share their ideas and how everything is the truth they find. Unfortunately, it is completely poisoned and it functions in a way to either make you feel miserable or scared. So, what do we need? We need people who will tell the truth. We don’t need lies that are beneficial for only some people in power. We definitely need to create a revolution and detoxicate ourselves from so many information. We finally need to start thinking with our own brains (which is not possible if you get like 200 information daily).

The future and education. Our children need to know how they won’t live in the same world we live in today. We have completely destroyed our planet. Their education must be based on some other things than science. Children need to hear the truth. Yes, our generations (and previous ones) are responsible for destroying this planet. They shouldn’t go that way. It seems like how no one is stopping them. They are being led in the same direction we were. Think about Chernobyl for a moment. That may be the perfect example of hiding the truth. Just think about those consequences.

fadsfdsWhat is the biggest change we need to see in the world from your personal opinion?

Do you believe how something will ever change?

I am not so sure…

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