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What is a waste of time?

Ever wondered why we waste our time in life? Of course, that depends from person to person, but some things definitely are the same. We have created our list that represents some things on which people waste too much time in their lives:

1. Worrying about things that don’t matter.

We worry too much about what others think, but they actually barely think about things we worry about.

2. Years in relationships with those that don’t value or respect us.

And years chasing something that we “think” will make us feel better.

3. Drinking.

Yes, it will give you a temporary sense of egotistical acceptance, but it’s anything but that. So much time, money, and brain cells are wasted on a miserable comfort. Hard to be productive and face reality when you’re drunk all the time planning your next drink.

4. Fast food.

It tastes good, may be quick, and some even say it saves time – But with age and consumption you will quickly find out why the “convenience” of it is a waste of time.

5. Health.

Worrying about your health whenever some tiny symptom appears – it will bring tons of worry and not only in your mental health, but also cause more physical symptoms due to increased worry and stress.

6. Gossip.

It’s simply said – when people don’t know what to talk about – they gossip. Stop doing this and you’ll become a better version of yourself. Besides that, you’ll get rid of many toxic and negative feelings.

7. Hate.

So much energy in the world and media is spent on spreading hate. It takes a lot of energy to hate someone you don’t even know.

8. People pleasing.

It’s impossible to please everyone, so rather spend time and energy to become a better version of yourself – this way, you’ll definitely please yourself.

9. Careers.

I know we need pilots, doctors, engineers, attorneys, and other serious career people, but if you waste your entire life on building a career you don’t even enjoy, your life won’t be happy.

10. Jobs.

Working long hours is okay from time to time – when you want to earn more money for something. But if your entire life is oriented to working more and earning more, you’re wasting your precious moments of existence.

11. Beauty.

Be your best natural version of yourself. Why do I say that beauty is a waste of time? Because if you have naturally black hair, and you’re wasting tons of time, money, and energy to make it platinum blonde, that truly is not only hard but also a waste of time.

12. Arguing.

I’ll tell you only one story here. A woman that’s 120 years old was asked how she lived that long. She answered: “I never argued with anyone”. People told her: “But that’s not possible.” She answered: “You are right.”

13. Hanging out with people just because “you have to”.

Doesn’t matter if they are your family members or friends from childhood, if they are toxic and you two don’t go together it’s a waste of time to spend your moments together.

14. House cleaning.

Yes, a clean house is great, but you are obsessed with cleaning on a daily basis that truly eats your life.

Hope this article was interesting to you and helped you realize if you’re making some life mistakes.

Have you recognized yourself in this article?

What will you try to change?

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