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How to Avoid Traps when Seeking Love Online?

Are you beginning to sense a pattern in the potential partners you date? Finding the love of your life is stressful enough without the extra hardship of online fraud. This article is to help you identify and avoid the most common dating trap singles while seeking love online. Choose the right dating platform Just because they’ve established the flashing ads on your most visited websites that doesn’t mean they’re the best place to look for your next date. It’s so difficult to choose the right platform especially with so many websites offering different things.

This is why we recommend dating platform. It’s safer among trustable dating platforms. Save yourself from the texting trap. You meet someone new, exchange numbers and start chatting with them. It happens most of the time whether you first connect through an online dating platform, social media, or through a friend of the friend.

fgTo avoid the texting traps and keep moving in your quest for true love, we recommend using the following things. Use texting for quick exchanges, not lengthy conversation: Text messaging is a fast and efficient way to exchange information – like the address where you’ll meeting or to confirm you’re still on for tonight. However, it’s not a replacement for a phone conversation or in-person discussion. For example, when you receive the text “how was your day?”

Reply with a bit of information about your day instead of extended, detailed version. Also, add how it would be nice to meet for a cup of coffee in the next week. However, if weeks go by and the conversation remains the same, politely let the other party know you are glad you connected, but you’d prefer to chat in person. Find out if they’re telling the truth Dating isn’t always plain sailing. Occasionally you need to ask big questions to be sure. If you suspect anything wrong with your partner, take a step back without thinking hard. There are some techniques and ways to know if your dating mate is telling the truth or not. Traditional body language is one of those techniques. One can conclude from guilty looks or shifty eyes.

zdff According to research, traditional body language methods were accurate 50% of the time. Avoid being “Too Available” If you grab your phone and reply the moment you see a new text notification pop-up on your screen, you’re making yourself a bit too available. The person on the other end whom you haven’t even met in person is going to start expecting an immediate response from you every single time, which not only distracts you from your work and regular life, but it often leads to misunderstanding.

The problem with coming across as overly available is that the other person may begin to expect constant availability. By the way, did we mention this ‘ping’ you are addicted to is from a person you’ve never spent any real time? Go ahead and answer straight away if it’s something like confirming your real date for next day but be aware if he/she is continually trying to engage you in conversation without in-person plans. Have a deadline and stick to it When you meet a fascinating new person via online dating platform and exchange numbers, give yourself a deadline.

Ask yourself, “How long am I ok texting without actually speaking on the phone or setting a date to meet up?” We suggest no longer than a week, and we strongly encourage you to stick with it. Save yourself from making excuses for him/her. Don’t let yourself be ok with him/her routinely canceling or postponing the meetup plans. Does he/she cancel last minute or always need to “check the schedule,” and then never end up setting a date?

sdfsdIf yes, then it’s time to cut them off and move ahead. What to do if you suspect that you are a part of online dating fraud? The first and most useful thing to do if you suspect being a victim of online fraud while seeking love online is to end the conversation. Do not respond. The pleading by this person for you to write them back will be entertaining all by itself.

Have you ever had such dating experience?

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