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8 flight mistakes that will get you banned on an airplane

While the number of flights has increased in the past years, that growth is far exceeded by a rise in the number of travel bans as well. But, have you ever wondered what are the crucial flight mistakes people do that make them be banned on an airplane? Continue reading and find out which those are, so you can avoid such mistakes.

Just don’t be rude. It’s important not to take out your stress on the airport and airline staff member. A few airlanes are cracking down on record numbers of unruly passengers who are physically or verbally abusing their staff members.

adfsdaAlcohol. We’re seeing more instances of customers trying to overindulge in alcohol in lounges or in-flight. Many airlines have taken action against a growing number of abusive passengers during the past year – including imposing a five-year ban. They said one airline has issued a record number of warning letters and bans during the past year and is urging passengers to show respect for each other and airline staff over the busy summer season. Just imagine a busy summer season and drunk passengers? It just cannot end well…

Bad habits. Why have I separated alcohol from this fact? Because many people get banned just because of alcohol, but unfortunately there are still many of those that also receive an airplane ban because of smoking or even using drugs. Under conditions carriage, the airline can order a passenger be offloaded, prosecuted and banned for failure to comply with any instructions of the crew for smoking, alcohol or drug consumption or behavior likely to cause discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to other passengers, the crew or any property. The crew has the power to restrain passengers. Civil Aviation figures show there were 28/30 unruly behavior incidents between August last year and August this year, 30 cases of smoking and 17 intoxicated passengers reported…

Clothing. If you wear a T-shirt with rude words or if your clothing is making other people offended, you can expect to receive your airplane ban at any moment.

Your baby. Many parents don’t think that the clothes of their beloved baby can bring them an airplane ban. What’s the problem? Some parents have been banned on an airplane just because their children haven’t been dressed properly or they haven’t wore shoes. Be sure to check what’s allowed and what’s not.

Sex. Okay, I really have to mention this one. We can see so many movies in which people have sex in an airplane’s toilet. In the movie that may look very exciting and passionate, but in reality, you can expect to get a permanent ban from that airline.

You are threatening someone. If you think that threatening airplane staff will get you in a better position, I must tell you how you will have to reassess your beliefs about that. Some people even threaten to airline staff once they are banned from that airplane. That will bring you in an even worse position, so, never do that.

asdfdfActing weird in any way. Behaving like you are at your own beloved home? Singing out loud? Took off your shoes? Kissing for 30 minutes with your future wife? Remind yourself of our first fact. Be sure to express good (or at least normal) manners.

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