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Safest Ways To Get A Beautiful Tan

Everyone dreams about getting that stunning and perfect tan, but everyone also wants to escape skin damage and all those potentially serious health issues that go hand by hand with tanned skin. Therefore, I have prepared a list which will definitely help you achieve both – beautiful tan & healthy skin! Sounds impossible? Take a look at my list below. This summer you will do it all differently!

Skin nutrients. First things first – you must feed your body from the inside if you want to get a beautiful tan outside. Unfortunately, many people forget about that… But you won’t anymore. So what do you need? You need plenty of beta carotene. You can find it in literally any orange food. I prefer oranges, pumpkin, and carrots for that purpose. You also need plenty of vitamin C so your skin cells don’t damage. You can take supplements, but I would highly recommend to surround yourself with tons of fresh fruits and veggies. People often believe that citrus fruits are the best sources of vitamin C, and they are great, but pepper is the best!

adsfadfRight sunscreen. Did you know that a sunscreen cream with 50+ SPF factor doesn’t actually protect you more than the one which contains SPF 30? Why? Because that’s just another marketing lie. Your body needs Sun, but it won’t be better protected with a higher SPF because your body cannot take it. So, the best advice would definitely be to use it regularly, and of course, to stay away from the Sun at most critical hours (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Feel the sunshine on your skin. As said above, Sunshine is good for you. You cannot get that beautiful tan without it anyways. But you definitely must know when to expose yourself to it. I have already said a lot above. Be sure to wear a hat. Sunshine will provide you plenty of vitamin D, and that’s definitely crucial for your overall health status.

Use coconut oil. A perfect and all-natural sunscreen is finally here! Coconut oil has a low SPF, but it does wonders for your tan. It will help your skin glow, while at the same time protect it from all those serious damages.

Or olive oil… This one is also an amazing choice. Yet, you must be a little bit careful with it because it can make your skin tan faster. If you have darker skin naturally, this will definitely be your perfect choice. Did I mention how it will make your skin look super fresh and glowing?

Understand your skin type. People often believe that everyone can get that beautiful tan and how they can look 10 times darker than before. That’s really the biggest mistake! If you are fair-skinned, be sure to go slowly. Also, don’t expect to get dramatic changes. The best is to nurture your natural beauty. In this way, you will always have that healthy glow.

afadThere are countless theories about getting enough Sunshine, yet, there are also as many theories for making people scared of it. Sunshine is natural. We all need it. With the advice above, you will finally know how to approach it, and besides that, get that glowing and amazingly beautiful tan this summer!

Did you know about the tips above?

Which one will you implement in your beauty routine this summer?

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