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4 Damaging Winter Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid

We all want to look our best, but the harsh winter weather always seems to work against us, whether it’s by drying out our complexions or causing rashes from the blistering wind. There’s a lot we should be protecting our skin from, but very few of us actually take the action to do so. Here are some common winter skin care mistakes to avoid—making some simple changes can set you up for beautiful skin all year round.

Skipping Your Sunscreen

Once the weather starts to get cooler, people often start decreasing how often they apply their sunscreen—if they still do so at all. But just because the temperatures are colder doesn’t mean the sun isn’t still shining. In fact, winter is when many people sustain the most UV-related skin damage. Because of this, putting on sunscreen must remain a key part of your daily skin care routine.

Not Moisturizing Enough

Many people also don’t moisturize enough during this time of year because they fail to account for the change in climate. Moisturizing your skin is important for several reasons. Through hydration, you can reduce inflammation, increase skin elasticity, and improve your skin’s appearance as a whole. So, when winter comes and your skin dries out much more quickly, you need to use additional product to maintain a healthy level of moisture.

4 Damaging Winter Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid

Bathing with Hot Water

Another potentially harmful winter skin care mistake to avoid is to bathe or shower with excessively hot water. The dry winter air is certainly a threat to your skin’s hydration, but it isn’t the only one. Believe it or not, your skin is at risk even within your own home. Hot water and steam are also capable of sapping the moisture from your skin and causing long-term redness and scaling. For this reason, make sure you turn down the temperature and take shorter showers and baths overall.

Under- or Over-Exfoliating

Approaching exfoliation in the wrong way during the winter months is also a mistake. Since your skin will be naturally drier at this time, you may feel the urge to exfoliate constantly to alleviate yourself of a dull-looking complexion. However, over-exfoliating can also irritate your skin and generate a series of problems. Under-exfoliating is also discouraged—people with dry skin break out more easily. As such, try finding a balance with how often you use these products.

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