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12 Types of Coffee

If you are a coffee lover (and who isn’t?), then this article will definitely help you learn ”the language” of coffee! We all think of coffee in a different way, and therefore, professionals from all around the globe have invented so many types of this magical drink so we can all enjoy our favorite flavors. Check out the list below and learn everything you need to know about coffee types!

Espresso. We all know espresso as a short and black type of coffee. The truth is, this type is definitely a base for all the other espresso/coffee types. We can see different people enjoying espresso, but the businessmen are definitely the ones who consume it the most.

Double espresso. This one is also known as Doppio. Overall, this type of coffee is nothing more than what its name says-double espresso! This is for everyone who wants to enjoy espresso longer, I guess.

dsfsShort Macchiato. This type of coffee is made differently in different countries. Yet, it is always made with milk and foam. These are added to ordinary espresso to make its sharp taste softer. Personally, I enjoy Short Macchiato the most.

Long Macchiato. The same as one above, but with a double dose of pure espresso.

Ristretto. If you find espresso (short black) a little bit too strong for your preferences, then the best would be to take Ristretto. It is actually espresso but mixed with the same amount of water.

Americano. This one is originally known as Long Black, the opposite from Short Black (espresso). It is made from one shot of espresso which is poured over the hot water.

Cafe Latte. Do you prefer coffee with microfoam and steamed milk? If you do, then you have found your favorite type of coffee! Of course, this is also an espresso-based coffee, but it is definitely made for all those who like it to be a little bit sweeter.

Cappuccino. What goes better with your chocolate croissant than cappuccino? Literally nothing! I especially enjoy it in the afternoon. This type of coffee is actually similar to the one above. But, cappuccino definitely has more foam. Besides that, the chocolate is most of the times placed at the top of this creamy drink.

Flat White. If you are traveling to New Zealand or Australia, know how you will probably find this type of coffee there. Its taste is almost the same as cappuccino’s because they are both made in the same way, yet, Flat White doesn’t have much foam. It also doesn’t have chocolate at the top.

Piccolo Latte. I have already talked about Cafe Latte. This is actually the same type of coffee, except it is made in a small cup for espresso. So, if you don’t have much time to enjoy your Cafe Latte, the best would be to choose Piccolo Latte.

Mocha. Do you like hot chocolate? The inventor of this type of coffee definitely loved it! Therefore, we have Mocha today. It is actually a cappuccino mixed with a hot chocolate. Sounds amazing to me!

afaAffogato. A coffee desert? Have you already tried it? This dessert is made from vanilla ice-cream and a double shot of espresso. Can something be better than that?

Which of these coffee types do you like the most?

Did you know there are 12 types of coffee before?

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