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These are the new horrible mental disorders social media brought

If you have never thought about the bad influence social media has on you, be sure to continue reading this article because you are definitely missing something important.

Of course, it may happen that you are well aware of the danger in the nowadays so-called modern society as well (and I am glad to hear that) and wondering where to find some proper information related to new mental disorders and social media.

In both cases, you are in a perfect place to get all the information you need!

This is the list of new mental disorders even psychologists cannot help with that came with social media:

So-called phantom ringing syndrome. If you hear that your phone is ringing, or if you have heard that you have received some new notification, but you didn’t, that means how you are suffering from this syndrome. Unfortunately, more and more people often feel like their phone is vibrating in their pocket when it actually isn’t.

Why is this bad? Because it messes up with your brain. You have trained your brain to quickly respond to some notification instead of being really prepared for some real threats in life.

Did I mention how this also causes anxiety?

No-mobile phobia. This one is also known as Nomophobia. How do people who suffer from it feel like? They get serious panic attacks when they cannot access their phones! They started acting like that is a matter of life and death.

Strange narcissistic disorders. A narcissistic personality disorder is definitely one of the hardest. Those people don’t feel empathy, they lie a lot, they always value themselves more than everyone and everything, and they also abuse their partners and friends.

Unfortunately, with the rise of technology, there have been some new and modified disorders of this type. People who spend too much time on social media don’t have a clear picture of other people (and of course, about themselves). They don’t even treat them as people anymore!

So, how do they behave then? They see and treat people (even if their closest ones) as ACCOUNTS, USERS, and FOLLOWERS! Of course, for new generations that are suffering from an UPGRADED narcissistic personality disorder, they act that way both online and in their real lives.

Are you cyber sick? Wow, this can’t be real, can it? Unfortunately, cybersickness is becoming more and more common these days. People who suffer from this new mental disorder have reported that they feel dizzy and sick after spending some time on social media, even if they have enjoyed it.

afdafdSo, is there some secret behind it all? What about that blue light that ‘calms you down’?

Yes, you have it on your smartphone. And no, no one has asked you if you wanted it in the first place.

It’s there. It’s affecting you…

That Google effect… Did you know that nowadays younger generations cannot retain so much information as we do? Why is that so? That is because they ‘know’ how Google will always be there for them and help them solve all their problems.

Sounds like the worst-case scenario to me, what do you think?

Addiction. Of course, Internet addiction is real. People who are addicted to the Internet and social media often have the worst crises when they cannot reach their accounts. They experience pain and psychological problems like drug addicts when they are without their ‘favorite’ drug.

Cyberchondria. People with this mental disorder believe how everything they read online is true. Try to get in the argument with some of them, you will realize what I am talking about here.

sdfsfeDepression. Of course, we all expected to see a depression on this list. Is this a new disorder? It is because cyber depression is different than the normal one. People who are cyber depressed get depressed because of some silly reasons. They are depressed because their lives are not ‘perfect’ as those they see online. They even believe in the fake lives their friends lead online, even when they know those people in real life and know how that is not the truth.

What do you think about this list?

Are you surprised?

Are you worried about your children?

I am, and you should definitely be.

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