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Is the world’s freedom near?

How we spent 2020? Closed inside our homes… Yet, that is not the main point. We spent it in fear!

And now, when entering 2021, it is obvious how this is gonna be the year where all the frustration will explode.

People are waking up to what the lockdowns were really about. And yes, you’ve got it – it was all about control!

Is freedom near? Now it’s obvious that everything is going to get worse across the world. You don’t need a crystal ball to see it coming. Some see globally and don’t want this One World system. But most sheep are still not getting it… God help us all!

As we relinquish our freedoms for contentment, safety, and dependency, they continue making their plans real… We also relinquish our children. It’s absolutely absurd. Just look at how we are behaving! We are letting them do whatever they want!

How can anyone not see what’s really happening? Fakery everywhere – It’s so crazy how everything is unfolding yet people are still believing this is temporary despite the fact we’re going deeper into the rabbit hole…

Notice how any protest against lockdown measures is automatically framed as “right-wing” opposition. Resisting totalitarian dictates and defending our individual rights and liberty is apolitical. Yet, they always like to divide people into such groups. I see even people doing that by themselves? It is obvious that they have already been brainwashed…

sdfswfdSeveral European countries have imposed fresh restrictions or tightened the COVID-19 preventive measures after the New Year. This has sparked violent protests in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Spain. When you take a look at the news in every country, you’ll see that the same things are happening. The Great Reset is going to get messy.

Yet, it’s good to see people finally standing up against this extreme restriction on the flu.

Lockdown Boris tries to keep restrictions into March but he’s gonna need more police. People protesting – yes, yet that is not enough people protesting – we need more. The entire population needs to go out there in order to make a change in widespread hunger in Lebanon. The Lebanese army has reinforced its troops in the northern city of Tripoli after violent clashes.

Portugal, for example, extends national lockdown and extends national travel. Yet, their people have also realized what this is all about (luckily!).

Poland stopped listening to the government. They have started opening bars, restaurants, and hotels.

It’s madness to think that they can cage us away and we won’t fight back for our children’s future. One man said – FINALLY, people are using their brains, eyes, and ears and realizing the lies and fear-mongering and control tactics! It’s time to get their freedom back!

The tyranny is beyond obvious. We, the 7.8 billion people, need to end this madness, see through their lies and take back our freedom.

zsfcsdfThere was a woman who said it out loud – This is massive control over the people and we’ve had quite enough. Politicians on all levels have no right to lock us down. We are sovereign beings. If we continue to allow this – we are screwed. I hope everyone can see what the government is doing at a very fast pace.

Sweden is laughing because they never got into this trap and people are happy over there.

No lockdowns in Tanzania as well. They are enjoying the nature and the beauty of our planet.

And here I am, in Florida. There are no MAJOR lockdowns. Restaurants, stores, parks, and bars are open for business with no fines or arrests. Establishments will give you a mask if you forgot yours so you can enter. Thanks to our governor our rights have not been infringed upon entirely… But who knows what comes?


Will you try to get your freedom back?

Can we fight together against this madness?

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