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Why should we not buy a home in 2022?

People love to make big decisions when things are calm and steady, but in the previous few years, we witnessed numerous choices affecting our society. Maybe you wanted to buy a house in 2019, and then the pandemic happened, so you’ve waited for a few years. Now, you’re ready, but here’s the inflation and many other things that probably affect your budget in numerous ways.

Should you buy that house this year, or should you wait? What will happen if I wait until next year to buy it? You should not buy a house if you’re not financially or personally ready to purchase and commit to being an owner for years. Otherwise, the remainder of 2022 from July to December looks like a great time to buy, probably the best chance in 3 years.

Yes, the inflation is here, but you can look at it on the bright side – there are some pluses when it comes to choosing your future home. Of course, this is only if you’re financially stable, have been planning that purchase for a while, and can commit to living in that house for years, or better said – decades.

The prices of apartments worldwide have skyrocketed, so maybe it’s even better to consider selling something if it’s possible. For example, people who live in expensive apartments are thinking about selling them and then buying two smaller and cheaper apartments. This way, they can still live in one, and rent the other one – so they get side money.

There’s nothing wrong with buying in 2023 or anytime after that. The US population and economy continue to grow at a healthy pace, ahead of the supply of housing so housing will be a growing need. Better to own one if you can. I’d expect home prices to pick back up by early 2023 and reach new highs by spring 2023, especially in less climate change threatened areas.

Maybe you’ve also thought about moving somewhere else. Consider all important information, related to the health of your family and the climate, school if you have children, maybe even education for yourself and older children, and, of course – jobs.

So, buying a new home shouldn’t only require that you have tons of money from which you’ll get it. You are capable of selling your own house or apartment and buying something else instead. Be sure that you are very confident about such decisions because later there’s usually no turning back.

As mentioned, more and more people are using the market’s chance these days to buy more apartments for selling one, and therefore – to gain better financial security and freedom. Anyways, that apartment you’ll rent that you are planning to buy will literally pay itself within a few years.

But, we need to be careful. These days, prices of everything are going up and down like crazy. What if you buy something for a high price, and later on cannot sell it because the price becomes too low?

Be sure that every step you take is precisely planned and detail oriented.

Do you think that buying a new home is a good idea in 2022?

What do you think about selling your house and buying two smaller homes, one for rent?


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