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These are the things that nurses would like you to know (but won’t tell you)

Have you ever thought what a nurse hides from you when you are at the doctor’s office or in the hospital? What do they think about? How do they endure such stressful jobs in the first place?

I have done research with a purpose to find out what messages nurses want to send you while telling you something (sometimes even something opposite).

This will be fun, so let’s go straight to the list!

afadsMaybe you should get a second opinion… If a nurse tells you that you have the right to get a second opinion from some other doctor, she/he is secretly trying to tell you to better go to another checkup at some other ambulance. And yes, your nurse maybe doesn’t trust to your doctor.

All that gossip… Want to share something with a nurse? That’s okay, but know how the whole medical team will repeat that and gossip about it even more once they leave because they actually don’t have anything else to talk about.

Medications. Sometimes the doctor doesn’t prescribe enough pain medication for some patient, but the nurse will probably give you more than prescribed. Why? Because nurses see in what state you are better than doctors (because most of the times they aren’t even around).

Incontinence. There is nothing to be ashamed about it. Nurses claim how 70% of their patients are actually incontinent. They need to use washcloths to clean you, but if you are very polite, a nurse may go to an intensive care unit with a purpose to find something more gentle to clean you. So, be nice!

Being calm. You may wonder how nurses always seem so calm. Many patients think about how they just don’t really care about you. Yet, the truth is how nurses need to stay calm in every situation. It doesn’t matter if someone’s artery has just blown in front of them, she or he will just say how they need to call a doctor. They do care, but they are not allowed to panic because that makes patients feel worse.

Should you have come earlier? People often wait for too long until they go to see the doctor for a checkup. You may have experienced some weird symptoms previous month and you have waited for those to pass by themselves. Well, guess what? Your nurse thinks that you should have come up earlier.

afafdadWhy do you lie about your pain? Patients most of the time say to nurses how their pain is equal to 10 (from 0 to 10 scale). What’s the problem with that? The problem occurs when you say that you cannot endure pain once you see a nurse, and then after 10 minutes she or he sees you talking on your mobile phone and laughing. No, you don’t need to take so many pills. They have side effects as well.

All those drug-resistant germs… Yes, hospitals are not clean. It doesn’t matter how those may seem to you, those are dangerous places. Why? Because of so many drug-resistant germs. And no, you don’t need to call your kids to come over if you are going home in two days. Protect them.

Did you know about these ‘nurse secret’?

Which one you like the most?

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