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How isolation affects our physical and mental health? (and the future problems it brings)

Everything everyone is talking about these days is COVID-19 and fighting against the virus. And although this is the biggest problem in our society today, the other health issues haven’t vanished. Instead, the changes our governments bring due to the behavior of people have their own effects. In this article, I want to talk more about the effects of isolation due to coronavirus and what I expect will happen when it even ends.

Bad digestion. Healthy digestion requires walking and physical activity. Yet, walking is a must for everyone who wants it to be in order. Due to the lack of walking, people mostly experience constipation.

Problems with the spine & chronic back and neck pain. It happens because people sit too much at home. Of course, lack of physical activity affects our joints, muscles, and bones. Spasms are becoming more common.

afeqweLoss of vitamin D and worsening of the immune system. Why? Because we don’t get enough sunshine. People need to be outside to keep their immune systems strong.

Weight gain. I see more and more people being worried about weight gain, which doesn’t surprise. Anyways, weight gain causes further problems, like worsening diabetes and high blood pressure.

Anxiety. I believe how psychologists and psychiatrists will have a lot of work once this is done. I believe how everyone is experiencing anxiety these days…

Depression. Many feel completely lost due to this new situation… A lot of people got depressed because they have lost their jobs, lost their beloved people, or just don’t see this ending.

Lack of imagination. How’s that possible? It is because imagination grows when we interact with the world and other people. Now, we feel empty.

Insomnia. Can’t sleep because you are very worried about the pandemic? Or you just can’t sleep because you are not physically tired?

Eye problems and dropping vision. Our eyes are naturally made to ‘be used’ for seeing far away things and objects. Now, when we only look at the things close to us, our vision starts dropping. Besides that, many spend too much time on their phones, computers, and watching TV.

Agoraphobia. This may happen later when this all passes. People who have been ‘locked inside’ for a while claim to experience the fear of open space.

Social phobia. Interacting with other people will probably become very awkward for many people. You know, we forgot how to it.

Paranoia. It will be related to literally anything. Is a stranger shaking your hand? Someone just sneezed?

zacwefGermaphobia. Even when this all ends, the way we all think about the viruses, bacterias, and germs won’t end. Many people will still be very afraid of any danger those can bring, so they will continue using harmful chemicals to ‘protect themselves’. The problem? Besides mental health? The problem is that those chemicals will, later on, lead to increased cases of allergies, eczema, and other breathing and skin issues within our population.

Do you think that more and more people will experience some mental health issues from now on?

How are you handling isolation?

Do you use some personal tips to stay well and overcome the above difficulties?

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