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How to spot a pedophile that can harm your children?

Unfortunately, there are numerous people worldwide that believe how pedophiles are obvious and often easy to spot. Yet, that’s most of the times not the case. That is exactly why we have so many stories where people ‘stay shocked’ when they hear how their ‘beloved’ and ‘nice’ neighbor has raped and/or murdered some innocent child.

This article is made with a purpose to help parents/everyone understand the warning signs related to pedophiles.

Child-related workers. Wow, that sounds harsh, does it? Well, unfortunately, many pedophiles are actually working in children-related activities or even educational systems. Why? Because they prefer to be surrounded by children more than adults. They ‘simply’ enjoy watching them doing simple activities, and that’s exactly when pedophiles create their future plans. Does this sound horrible to you? It should because only in that case you will really open your eyes.

qwdqdEnthusiastic collectors of children’s photos. Such photos aren’t often nude, but pedophiles enjoy creating their own galleries full of children. Their sick imagination is just enough, they don’t need nude photos… Keep in mind how almost every pedophile has its own ‘category’ of children. For example, some are only ‘interested’ in infants, while others prefer those between the age 6 and 10. There are also some who ‘choose’ children who are near 15.

They are your 4ever babysitters. You have probably heard that countless families worldwide stood shocked when they found out how their relative or a close friend was actually a pedophile. But the truth is, the closer a pedophile is to your child, the more time they will want to spend with it. If you know someone who is always there to babysit anyone’s child, that may really be an alarming sign.

All those gifts… Pedophiles want children ‘to love them’. Or better said, they want their attention, so they can later make their evil and horrible plans come true. Know someone who is not such close to you yet still always has a present for your child? That’s really a big alarming sign…

Victims. Did you know that many pedophiles have actually been the victims of other pedophiles when they were small and fragile? Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to overcome the trauma correctly, or they simply don’t want to seek help, but rather take horrible revenge.

It can be anyone. People tend to think about how pedophiles are most of the time some jobless and homeless people, but that is far away from the truth. A pedophile can be literally anyone – an advocate, that beloved uncle, the teacher, or maybe that homeless guy. You never know, but the best would be to realize how it can be really anyone! Watch out for the other signs so you can come up to your own conclusion.

So charming… Such deviated personalities are often charming like narcissists are. They will do everything in their power to make a child notice them, ‘love them’, gain their trust… Incredible charming behaviors and looks are 90% of the time an alarming sign.

qwrFor how many times have you stood shocked when you heard that someone you thought was good turned out to be a pedophile?

Do you believe that people are not properly informed about pedophiles?

How is that possible in the era of information?

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