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Simple yoga moves to lose the stubborn belly fat

If you are struggling with a few extra pounds that somehow just don’t want to leave your belly, continue reading this article because we are bringing some truly effective yep simple tips that will help you.

When you think about your lifestyle for a bit, what do you mean, where does that fat come from? Is it from too much and unhealthy food, or are you lacking some physical activity?

Besides that, many people get belly fat due to hormonal imbalances and stress. Never mind what your problem is, now we will deal with that stubborn belly fat with some simple yoga moves.

These will not only strengthen your muscles but also make your metabolism work faster, which will result in melting belly fat. Besides that, when we practice yoga we also learn how to breathe properly, and that will help us to get rid of stress. Once you’re relaxed and your body gets rid of extra adrenaline and cortisol, you’ll also be able to lose belly fat easier.

So, let’s see what yoga moves we have prepared for you:

sfderfCobra pose. Another name for this yoga exercise is Bhujangasana. If you start practicing it daily for just 3 minutes, you will not only strengthen your belly muscles and ligaments but also help your entire spine get healthier. This move is super simple and you don’t need to have any knowledge to do it right – just stretch your legs back and tops of the feet on the floor, while laying down on the stomach. Bend your arms in elbows, and raise your head and trunk. Support yourself with palms.


Bow pose. This one is also known as Dhanurasana. It actually reminds us of an archer’s bow. So, lay on your stomach, catch your legs with your arms, and stretch as much as you can, but to it on the opposite side than usual. You can also try to swing your body upward and backward. Stay in this yoga position for as long as you can, but not less than 20 seconds and more than 2 minutes (for the beginning).

The plank. You’ve probably already heard about plank and its benefits. Yes, social media fitness trainers are definitely advertising this exercise literally everywhere. Did you even know that it is a yoga move? I don’t think I should explain plank a lot because everyone has heard of it. Yoga thinks of this exercise as an arm balancing move. Of course, it’s capable of making your entire upper body stronger. I personally love plank and can endure even up to 5 minutes in this position (when I’m in good shape). For beginners, it’s a good idea to start with 20 seconds.


Boat pose – Naukasana. Clench your fists and tense the entire body as hard as you can and keep it in the raised position. Endure as long as possible, and we promise that you’ll see amazing results on your belly.

sdfsefUstrasana – camel pose. Okay, here’s the last most effective yoga move that’ll help you get rid of stubborn belly fat. This is a yoga exercise in which the backend is capable of stretching the entire front body. Start being on your knees, and then try to reach your feet backward.


And, of course, be sure to breathe properly while doing these simple moves. Although they are simple, you may definitely feel tired after this workout.


Do you like yoga?

Will you try some of these moves?

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