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How to prepare your skin for travel

Vacations are a welcome transition from the routine, mundane life. With the holidays approaching, you must have selected the destination, planned the itinerary, booked the hotels, tickets, and packed your bags. You need to take care of another essential task. It is to plan your travel skincare regime.

Travel can impact your skin. Traveling by a 12-hour flight or in the cross-country bus ride or traveling by roof racks cars can leave you with a dulled complexion and dry skin. Hence you must take steps beforehand to supply your skin with nutrients for the travel.

It is not easy to fit in various personal care lotions or a heavy makeup bag when you have already gone overboard while packing. You need not worry. You can leave the tough decision for us.


Here is the list of preparation you must make to prepare your skin for travel without overloading your baggage.

You must moisturize well before travel.

Dehydration becomes a real buzz kill when you are traveling. You do not always have a water bottle at hand for you to drink from when you get thirsty. Dehydration dries up the skin, which in turn, results in higher oil secretion. Moreover, the altitude change when you are on a flight affects the skin significantly. The compressed recirculating air can extremely dehydrate your skin. It is the reason many people suffer from itching and irritation on the exposed surfaces of the skin. Proper moisturization can prevent all this.

day or two before you travel, you must exfoliate to unclog your pores. It will help the moisturizer seep deep into your skin. Apply a hydrating mask to nourish the skin on the night before your travel. It is more suitable that you chose masks with olive oil, honey, aloe or jojoba oil for superior hydration.

You should also pack a travel-size hydrating serum and moisturizer like Neostrata. It would take care of your care regime throughout and after the trip. It will further your cause of staying hydrated and moisturized.

asdasYou need to keep your makeup simple.

Healthy skin requires the pores to remain unclogged. If you cake your face with makeup, it will dehydrate your skin and clog your pores. Dehydrated skin secretes more oil to balance the moisture in the skin leading to breakouts. You would not want to spend the next few days with blemishes and pimples. While skin experts recommend that you travel makeup-free, following this advice can be impractical. The alternative is light makeup with frequent use of the hydrating mist. In case you are prone to skin breakouts, you must pack the spot treatment products. Benzoyl peroxide-based products and salicylic acid are excellent choices when traveling.

You must apply the SPF generously.

The sun will be your constant companion when you travel. The UV rays hit you directly when you are out in the open grounds. While you feel happy about the privilege of the beautiful view, it is not delightful for your skin. Such continuous exposure can dull your complexion, thereby, ruining those beautiful photographs you would brag about later. The Skin Cancer Foundation encourages the use of water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreens with a sun-protecting factor of 30 or above for best safeguard from the UV rays. You might want to get a stronger dose of the SPF if you plan on spending time on the beach. It is also essential that you reapply sunscreen every two hours.

You must pack cotton clothing

Travel can get grueling, particularly when you have to stack on clothes due to the cold. The same applies when you sweat buckets because of the sweltering heat. It influences your skin significantly. Rashes and abrasions caused due to friction between the skin and the cloth can spoil your fun. Therefore try to pack breathable and soft, comfortable clothing. Cotton clothes are skin-friendly. These are also easy to care for, allowing you more time to enjoy rather than whining about your clothes.

You should choose water over everything else.

While traveling, you often neglect to drink water frequently. Add to that frequent consumption of alcohol and coffee. All these leave you dehydrated. Hence, it is better not to use that chance to drink water. Green tea is the recommended beverage. The antioxidants in green tea are more potent than vitamin C. This will help you feel and look the best when you travel.

You need to get the post-travel care right 

Now that vacation time is over, you must get ready to join work. It is time to start the aftercare for your skin. Wash the pollutants off of your skin with a glycerol wash. Use a light moisturizer to help hydrate the skin after cleanup. It is best to book a revitalizing facial after your return from your vacation. Your esthetician will better assess the requirement of your skin and plan your treatment subsequently. This way you will reverse any damage the skin might have endured. An oxygenating treatment will help clean out your pores and detoxify your skin. The post-travel facial nourishment will reinvigorate your skin, adding a fresh glow.

Traveling is a rejuvenating experience. It refreshes the soul and pulls the mind away from the mundane cycle of the 9-5 life. When you prepare the best adventures for your travel, it is vital to make your skin for the travel. You need to ensure that you look as great as you did when you went on vacation. Do you struggle in carrying luggage on a road trip?  Try the strongest roof racks, as they ensure the cars can carry extra luggage anywhere in any situation. It will give a perfect vacation experience without any hassles.

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