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New COVID-19 Air Travel Regulations Taking Effect + Pay 2000CAD

Most often, news related to Covid-19 now is not about the disease anymore, but about new regulations, fines, rules, laws, and CONTROL. New COVID-19 air travel regulations are off to a bumpy start! Many travelers are already complaining about how they can’t get through on the government phone line to book their hotel… But that’s just the beginning of the entire problem.

Countries are changing, and many of them look like Natzi Germany Intermit Camps now. Canada is no different than North Korea. Patriots? Military? They’ve given their lives for nothing! Now, we are witnessing the times when countries completely betray us. Canadian dictators are attacking their own people and their rights.

The fate of Canada? If the military and the police don’t get their act together and defend the Charter then their kids will be helpless to see foreign power take over their farmland and their businesses. What a poor future…

dgtdrgIt’s completely obvious that Canadians and the Canadian economy are the targets right now. Every move of their government through the entire pandemic was completely a mess. They now send air travelers to detention in a hotel for 3 days and the travelers have to make their own reservation.

How does that look to you? I think it’s like sending someone to jail for a crime and asking them to book their prison cell. While the government’s plan is very disorganized, the hotels take advantage of other difficulties by charging ridiculous high costs. This all is absolutely immoral!

What’s going on in ”popular” China? Upon your arrival, you just get on the shuttle, and then they drive you to the hotel. You don’t have to worry about anything! The bus always arrives at the next quarantine hotel available. It is mandatory there and no pre-booking is required. Sounds a bit easier, doesn’t it?

Hmmm… You just need to pay 2000 yuan for a 14-day quarantine at the hotel, that’s what I’ve heard. But at least it’s all-inclusive! They do lock your door, though… After that, you’re not able to leave the room.

I must say that I have decided for myself – I will never travel to Canada with this restriction and go to a private prison.

People are filling the bars and every public space and standing directly behind one another in the grocery store line up. Everyone clearly doesn’t give a damn anymore. We’re sick and tired of this ”new normal”.

The fact the CEO of London’s hospitals who’s on Premier Fords Covid Command Table jet-setters down to Florida 5 times while forcing us all to stay at home proves the Pandemic is overblown and those in charge KNOW IT. Take a look at how presidents of the countries behave. They don’t wear masks. Did you notice that none of them died? Why? Just think about it…

And what about us? What are they representing us? ”New normal”. I don’t want the ”new normal”. No mention of some Canadians detained against their will since January after arriving in CGY & TO, despite negative tests. Later on, they have been taken to sites without advising families where they were being taken in the first place. No mention of Charter infringements on mobility as well. There are countless things happening similar to those.

Who’d have thought the government would implement rules they had no idea how to handle just 2 months ago. Government quarantine facilities are a conspiracy. Now: It is mandatory-you go to a government quarantine facility! Ridiculous, isn’t it?

dfhtrIs this a perfect plan to help the hotel industry? Or it must be a 7 stars hotel and 3 days stay for $2000? What’s next? To put you in a cage for a month for sneezing?

Who knew that a couple of thousands of people calling a phone line would jam them up-hold 3 hours and get cut off? That’s actually typical service in Canada if you didn’t know.

Covid PCR test should take only 30 minutes, not three days. People are traveling in extreme emergencies and that’s why they pay for this. Why would someone pay 200 CAD * 3 PCR tests, plus 2000 quarantines? And all that, for ONE person!

This all does not make a lot of sense for the country where the economy is fully based on immigration. Potential immigrants can work online for almost any reputable high-paying company living wherever they want.

All in all, that’s how the situation looks like now. Think with your own head…

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

Does this regulation include the pilots and crew members too?

Why drivers don’t have to go to the hotels but flyers do?

Do these rules apply to politicians coming and going from vacations after telling us to stay home?

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