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Mary Kay, Inc – Company of the Month – April 2019

Company name: Mary Kay Inc.

Founder: Mary Kay Ash

Year: 1963

Total Assets: N/A

Revenue: US$3.25 Billion

Net Income: N/A

Country:  United States

Headquarter: Addison, Texas

Industry: Multi-level marketing


Number of employees: Staff 5,000 Salespeople 3.5 million worldwide


One of the biggest cosmetics companies within the United States, Mary Kay Inc. focuses on the manufacture and direct sale of over 200 products, as well as skin creams, cosmetics, fragrances, dietary supplements, and alternative personal-care things. Its direct business department consists of over 1.3 million freelance Beauty Consultants (mostly women) who sell full- or part-time through home demonstrations. The company operates in 3 dozen markets around the world.

The beauty company’s headquarters is located in Addison, Texas, north of Dallas. It tests, manufactures, and packages most of its own product in facilities in Dallas, China, and India.

Mary Kay Ash founded the company that bears her name in 1963, when 25 years of direct selling for alternative companies, starting within the late 1930s. A direct sales career allowed her the pliability she required as a single mother raising 3 children.

Mary Kay set to start out a direct sales company since that was the area with that, she was familiar; direct sales conjointly would be appealing to ladies who may sell part-time and follow a versatile schedule. When picking a structure, she selected as a product a line of a skin-care product she had been using for more than a decade.

She had been introduced to the skin-care product while she was selling Stanley products at a home party. The hostess, a cosmetologist, was testing these products on her friends. This lady had developed the product from a leather tanning solution her father had developed when he noticed how young his hands looked after using this solution regularly. Though the expert selling the product to her friends, she didn’t reach remarkable success in sales and, when her death in 1961, Mary Kay bought the formula from the woman’s daughter.

Mary Kay has an overwhelmingly female freelance sales department. The company has seen its business department grow by double digits throughout the past couple years, due to an invasive cluster of younger (age 24 to 35) representatives. Indeed, the typical age of a Mary Kay authority has been dropping. the company hopes that younger salespeople can attract younger customers and lure them far from competitors the likes of Sephora.

Mary Kay INC. was created from one woman’s desire to complement women’s lives. She began by providing a quality product to reinforce a woman’s image and an ideal business chance to assist ladies to earn extra cash, fancy a lot of flexibility and grow as independent business owners. The result’s an organization that, over 40 years later, still embodies the core philosophies of its founder: to use the Golden Rule as a business guide and to assist ladies to live a balanced life by inserting God first, family second and career third.

In the initial full year of operation, sales totaled $198,514 and also the company had 318 consultants. Soon, a lot of workplace house was required and Mary Kay touched to a three-office headquarters with a training space and warehouse space, for a complete of 5,000 sq. feet. Within 2 years, Mary Kay had regarding 850 beauty consultants selling its beauty product.

In 1989 Mary Kay tried to require over its largest rival, Avon product, however, was unsuccessful. Mary Kay then joined forces with other investors to make Chartwell Associates, and this group purchased a 9.8% share of Avon. The group conjointly controlled 2 seats on the Avon board. Avon blocked the Chartwell coalition from buying a lot of stock, however. Mary Kay proclaimed that it absolutely was retreating from the association in early 1991. Shortly subsequently, however, Chartwell sold most of its shares, deed Mary Kay and another associate a 3% share of rival Avon.

Despite tax and acquisition troubles, sales began to rise and climbed to $280 million a year when the company became private once more. Mary Kay Ash became chairwoman emeritus of Mary Kay Cosmetics in 1987. This company was founded by Mary Kay Ash attributes the company’s success to a decision to “take God as our partner.” based by Mary Kay Ash in 1963. Richard Rogers, Mary Kay’s son, is the chairman, and David Holl is president.

In 1997, the cosmetic queen professed her spiritual beliefs loud and clear. Particularly, she said, “God has blessed us as a result of our motivation is right. He knows I want women to be beautiful creatures he created.”

sdfdsfdfLike rival Avon, Mary Kay is extending its reach China because it chases when the large potential upper side to selling within the nation. It conjointly establishing a third-party producing facility in the Republic of India (in Baddi and Uttaranchal) to develop a product specifically for the Indian market. Product launches have enclosed a shower bar, Mary Kay Lotus and Bamboo Indulgent. Mary Kay plans to speculate some $20 million in the Republic of India to faucet the native market and diversify its business. The direct marketer anticipates increasing its existing classes in Republic of India skincare, fragrances, and color cosmetics, and supporting it regarding 4,000 independent sales representatives within the country by gap many extra-regional warehouses and native offices.

Since   Cosmetics opened for business in 1963, thousands of individuals have found success selling these cosmetics brand door to door. In line with the company, it’s calculable that close to 700,000 beauty consultants are operating and this variety is growing. Selling this brand of cosmetics will be an efficient tiny business choice, notably if you’re ready to try and do the legwork and are available up along with your own distinctive Mary Kay promoting strategy.

The most ancient Mary Kay marketing strategy involves direct marketing. Beauty consultants usually begin with relations and friends, providing free makeovers and facials then property the product sell themselves through these promotions.

As online marketing opportunities grow, Mary Kay has distended to in company this sort of marketing in their suggested marketing ways. Mary Kay has their own web site and users will get a listing of beauty consultants in their space by typewriting in their location.

Network marketing involves obtaining interested users of Mary Kay cosmetics founded to sell the product to their friends on their own. The most drawback is, in fact, the inflated competition, however, referrers can get some of those sales. This has been compared to multi-level marketing within the past and there are distinct similarities.

Another ancient Mary Kay marketing strategy is hosting beauty events or parties in your home. this can be associate degree enlargement of the primary promoting strategy in-person marketing. These events will be publicized in native newspapers, on the radio, and thru advertisements at native salons and stores.

Mary Kay’s appeal was maybe strongest to older ladies. the company courted younger generations with a new replacement brand for ladies unrolled in 2001. Known as speed, its fragrance was aforementioned to convey the exuberance and risk of youth. There was conjointly a speed cosmetics line to enrich a lot of classic MK Signature. the merchandise line enclosed many alternative brands moreover.

Company founder Mary Kay Ash passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 2001, at the age of 83. The company marked her passing with a fragrance, Mary Kay Tribute, whose formula enclosed the musky Pink Rose of Lone-Star State. Ash would be honored by varied media retailers collectively of the foremost outstanding yanked businesswomen of the 20th century.

At the urging of his mother, Richard Rogers, who left the company in 1991, had come back to the company executive spot in 2001, commutation old Mary Kay veteran John Rochon. 5 years later, the founder’s son moved to the position of chairman as David Holl was promoted to the company CEO spot. Holl had been with the company since 1993, serving as president and chief operating officer since 2001.

By 2003, Mary Kay had over 1,000,000 independent beauty consultants. The company’s annual convention, celebrating its fortieth day of remembrance, the player over 53,000 of them to Dallas. Its wholesale sales were over $2.2 billion in 2005. regarding $900 million came from outside the U.S Mary Kay was active in 3 dozen countries by this point. According to Direct selling News, Mary Kay was the 6th largest direct selling company within the world in 2011, with income of USD 2.9 billion.


China, with 400,000 independent beauty consultants, was Mary Kay’s largest international market and was growing at a pace to overtake the U.S. market in 10 years. the company had had to adapt to native preferences; the bronzers and self-tanners widespread within the U.S. were ditched in favor of skin change of color product.

Mary Kay claimed the title of popular skin-care and cosmetics brand within the U.S. and its operations in Dallas, Texas, remained terribly busy. once the company updated its inventory management systems in 2004, its five U.S. distribution centers were handling 24,000 orders per day from a listing of regarding four hundred products.

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