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Company name: Inc.

Founder: Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, Frank Dominguez

Year: 1999

Total Assets: US$55.13 billion

Revenue: US$17.1 billion

Net Income: US126 million

Country:  United States of America

Headquarter: San Francisco, California,

Industry: Cloud Computing, Software


Number of employees: 49,000 Inc. is the top developer and seller of customer relationship management software with more than 150,000 users. The company gives cloud-based applications that manage customer relationships which include Sales Cloud, Marketing and Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud (for customer help) as well as the Salesforce Platform. Other products offer e-commerce, analytics, and social media tools through cloud-based programs. Salesforce’s customers come from a number of industries, which include financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, entertainment, and government. It generates most of its revenue in the US. Salesforce bought Tableau for approximately $15.7 billion in 2019.

Besides its large three cloud products – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing and Commerce Cloud, Salesforce offers numerous others that help groups manage their relationships with clients.

They include Community Cloud, which helps companies create and control branded digital destinations for customers, partners, and employees.

IoT (Internet of Things) Cloud, which facilitates organizations to collect records from linked devices, products, sensors, and apps.

Analytics Cloud, which allows an employee to discover business records from any device; and Salesforce Quip, a productivity device designed for teams.

Salesforce additionally gives consulting services for deployment, training, and design and integration.

Most of the employer’s revenue comes from its subscription and support segment, which money owed for almost 95%, even as the rest comes from professional and other services. The employer runs lots of its cloud services on Amazon Web Services, Google, and IBM in international markets.

zdfv fSalesforce relies on customers inside the US for more than two-thirds of its revenue, at the same time as customers in Europe account for about 20% of sales, and people inside the Asia Pacific region generate about 10%.

Salesforce.Com counts more than 150,000 users, from small agencies with one subscription to giant organizations with thousands. With such a huge consumer base, no one customer counts for more than 5% of income.

The corporation makes use of a direct sales pressure made of telephone income reps based in nearby hubs and subject income reps in territories near their customers. It additionally works with consulting firms, structures integrators, and others to find customers. For successful sales, Salesforce can pay a rate based totally at the first-year subscription sales generated through the referred clients.

Salesforce spends about 45% of sales on income and marketing, a level the business enterprise expects to maintain because it seeks more customers and builds awareness.

Salesforce has turned in a fast-developing sales line for the past 5 years, averaging a 30% annual boom as the agency has introduced more packages to its basic client relationship management offerings.

In 2019 (ended January), revenue hit approximately $13.3 billion, up some $2.7 billion, and a 26% increase from 2017. The growth turned into driven by way of higher subscription and support sales from new business, which includes new clients, upgrades, and additional subscriptions from existing customers. MuleSoft, acquired in May 2018, contributed $431 million in sales. Sales rose 24% in the Americas, 33% in Europe, and 28% in the Asia Pacific region year-over-year.

Salesforce’s net income leaped to $1.1 billion in 2019 from $360 million in 2018. As a percentage of revenue, costs had been approximately the same, allowing greater of the higher revenue to flow to the bottom line.

Salesforce has cash and equivalents of $2.5 billion in 2019 as compared to $1.6 billion in 2018. In 2019, the company’s operations generated $3.4 billion, whilst investing activities used $5.3 billion, and financing sports provided $2 billion.

Salesforce persevered to generate better revenue in 2019. Its biggest business, Sales Cloud, accounted for $4 billion in sales by means of itself, making it bigger than some unbiased cloud software corporations. The organization’s other robust performer, Service Cloud, delivered in another $3.6 billion. While the ones are the huge moneymakers, Salesforce’s clients commonly purchase services from more than one of the enterprise’s clouds.

In 2019 Salesforce, in its biggest deal, acquired Tableau Software, which develops programs for reading and presenting information, for $15.7 billion. With Tableau’s products in its software arsenal, Salesforce gives clients a greater complete package for data series and analysis.

In some other 2019 deal, Salesforce agreed to acquire ClickSoftware, a developer of field service control software program, for $1.35 billion in cash and shares, to speed the growth of its cloud-based products for customer support operations. ClickSoftware’s offerings could become part of Salesforce’s Service Cloud.

In 2019 Salesforce agreed to acquire for privately held Bonobo AI, which develops artificial intelligence (AI) software program to accumulate perception on clients by analyzing telephone calls, texts, and chats. Salesforce is to feature the Bonobo software to its Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Acquisitions in the enterprise’s 2017 fiscal year (ended January) were SteelBrick Inc., which automates the quote-to-cash process; MetaMind Inc., natural language processing and image recognition across the Salesforce clouds; BeyondCore Inc., smart information discovery era for structured facts sources; Quip Inc., productivity software program; and Krux Digital Inc., a data management platform.

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