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Is it healthy to sleep without underwear for women?

Let us see whether it is healthy to sleep without underwear for women. Many women still don’t know that sleeping naked brings numerous benefits to our bodies. Besides that, sleeping naked is actually great for everyone, but especially women.

If things don’t feel right down there or you’re experiencing itchiness or heavy discharge, sleeping without underwear or any bottoms (in a survey) is kind of a reset button. After 2/3 nights whatever issue the woman is experiencing gets better and after 6-7 nights, it’s completely solved. This isn’t a cure for STDs or serious infections (maybe just for mild yeast infections).

If you still want to be covered, wear a PJ dress or long shirt to sleep.  Also, wash with only water morning and evening and aggressively ignore all advertising for vaginal soaps and deodorants and any kind of “make your vagina smell like flowers” products. Those will only ruin your natural pH and cause more and more problems, like infections. The vagina is an amazing organ that is literally capable of cleaning itself. Therefore, using only water is highly recommended.

Sleeping without underwear is great for these reasons as well:

1. Sweating.

Everyone should sleep without underwear and clothes if possible because our bodies are free then and can sweat without boundaries. This will help you to get rid of toxins as well. When we are naked, our bodies are not trapped by some artificial materials and they are able to regulate on their own.

2. Feeling more confident.

People, especially women, who sleep naked and without underwear definitely feel more confident about their bodies. Too many people are still not okay with their naked bodies, which can lead to poor self-esteem and bad body image. Make it a priority to feel good inside your body.

3. You’ll feel sexier.

If you continue sleeping without clothes and underwear, you’ll also feel sexier with time. Your partner will definitely love this idea as well.

4. Getting more sleep.

People who sleep without clothes and underwear report having stronger sleep patterns. Therefore, you’ll also get more rest and be better prepared for the upcoming day.

5. Goodbye to infections.

Tight clothes and underwear that are made from artificial materials don’t bring you any good. If you sleep without underwear, that means how you’ll be completely naked for at least 7 hours of the day. This will help you get rid of infections and make your pH reduce itself on its own.

It’s important to remember that our bodies are made for creating different amazing things and often taking care of themselves. Our job is to just let them do what they can and have to do and follow nature’s paths.

All those advertisements are made with the purpose to send you a message that you are incomplete – that you need something. Therefore, their main goal is to create a problem and then make you search for a solution. It’s the same for all those vaginal hygiene products, as well as for sexy lingerie. Remind yourself that you already have everything you need – your body is most often just enough.

How do you feel about sleeping naked?

Did you know about all these benefits related to sleeping without underwear?

Would you like to try this?

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