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Coronavirus alert – what, how often, and when you should clean things around you

In these pandemic times, we are bombed with tons of different information, and most of the times those are not even the same. People have found themselves completely confused but are still searching for a proper way to protect themselves and their beloved ones. If you are trying to find some reliable article that is based on true and scientific information about cleaning in the times of pandemic, take a look at the list below.


When you come back to your home... Be sure to change the clothes you have worn outside. It is very important that you leave those as near to your door and as soon as you enter your home. After that, be sure to clean everything you had with yourself. Your bag, the keys, even credit cards and wallets must be disinfected as well (sunglasses too). Imagine yourself doing that in your doorstep. You are still not going anywhere. When you have cleaned those things, be sure to take off your mask and hand gloves and put those on the floor there. Go wash your hands, for at least 20 seconds. Come back to your doorstep, you still have some work to do…

kjhhkItems you have bought. Many of us still have to go grocery shopping even if we work from home. So, what about those food packages? When it comes to those made of plastic, like bottles, cans, or you name it, it would be recommended to clean them as well, although there are some experts that claim how there is a little or no chance to get infected that way. Clean everything that can be washed.

And think clearly – if we can get infected through the contaminated surfaces, we can also get infected that way. So, clean everything you can. Be sure to leave all that in the doorstep, all those bags with food… After you have cleaned all, go again and wash your hands, Now, you are capable to bring them in and store where you want or need.

Surrounding areas… Come back to your doorstep, disinfect your shoes, and then you should throw a mask and hand gloves at the garbage can. Be sure to do that with some bag, not with naked hands. Take the clothes you have worn into the washing machine as well. Wash your hands again. Come back to your doorstep, come on, you only have a few more things to do… Clean the door lock and the floor. Go and wash your hands again. Put on new and clean clothes. You are now ready to hang out at your beloved home safely!

If you live with someone who leaves your home every day to go to work, you must clean all surfaces in your home daily. That includes disinfecting cooking surfaces, working tables, all floors, and of course, bathroom and toilet. Think of anything you touch daily.

We all know that the battle against plastic bags has lasted for a while, but now it is not recommended to take your favorite cruelty-free cotton shopping bag while shopping for groceries. Why? Because the virus can stay in that bag… You should use one time bags you get in the store. It is also a good idea to throw those away once you are done with cleaning and disinfecting.

swgfergfAnd don’t forget to constantly clean your mobile phone with alcohol, preferably twice a day. The best would be not to take your phone outside of your home. If it cannot be cleaned with alcohol (check that online), you are also able to wash it with soap (also check if it’s waterproof).

And the best advice would be – don’t touch your face at all…

Now, you’re ready to be completely peaceful. You have done everything to protect yourself and your family.

Are you scared of COVID-19?

Do you think that this virus will become just another flu in the next season?

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