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A Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Married Sex Life

Many couples face issues with their sexual life just after a few years of marriage. Is that some sort of a rule, or are people making the same mistakes so they get such results?

Don’t worry, it’s not a rule. The thing is that people get apart because of their daily routines, stress, and bad communication.

These are the most important things that can help every couple to maintain a healthy married sex life:


Don’t wait for things to happen. I know that sex life is not the same when you live with someone and when you don’t. For example, when you are dating a person you like and love, you will probably call them to come over and you will at that time usually have sex. But what happens when you are married? You are in the same house all the time. When does sex happen? No one knows.

You shouldn’t wait for it ”to happen” spontaneously because it probably won’t. What I’m saying here is – plan your hanky-panky, literally.

sdafswfExperiment. Boring routine kills all passion. Because you live with your partner for years already, you probably don’t have anything you’re shy about. So, feel free to experiment in sex. Try something new. Not sure what? Get some ”toys” and spice up your sex life!


Communication. Of course, this is probably the most important part of healthy married sex life. Let’s say that you’ve realized that your partner isn’t about sex anymore. What will you think? That they don’t like you anymore or have someone else instead. The truth behind that? Your partner probably has some personal issues, work problems, or is depressed. Don’t assume things on your own, but rather talk together.


Raise up your libido. How? With exploring your own body. Masturbation is healthy, and it’s definitely recommended, even in marriage.

Care about your partner and surprise them from time to time. Buy some special gifts or prepare an amazing dinner for your beloved spouse. Do it from time to time to wake up the passion between the two of you.


Take care of your looks. Got a few extra pounds since you got married? Okay, it happens, but at least try to do something about it. Taking care of your looks is still important, even if you got married. The main problem is when people stop caring about hygiene. That’s the biggest turn-off. Don’t EVER stop caring about your hygiene.


Have sex in different places. Don’t worry, you don’t have to try public to spice up your marriage sex life. But, don’t have sex in bed only. Why not in the kitchen?


Compliment each other. Be sure to compliment your partner at least from time to time. Do you call them by some sweet or sexy name? No? Forgot about that? Well, that’s a mistake.

sdfcdscStop jealousy. It’s just not healthy and it kills passion instantly. Instead, work on your self-esteem.


Leave work problems at your workplace. Stop complaining all the time. Simply – don’t bring all that negative energy with yourself. Find some things that are positive in life. Express gratitude.


Overall, it’s not that hard. As said at the beginning of this article, the main issue is the loss of interest, bad communication, and taking people for granted.


Do you have some tips for great marriage sex life?

What is the best advice from this list?

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