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Do children learn better alone or in groups?

Since the beginning of our kind, people have been teaching their youngsters how to live, how to survive, what to do and what not to do. When you think about it for a moment, yes, everything has changed, but the point of everything is still the same – when we grow up, we tend to help our children find themselves in this world and help them grow up properly and survive.

As a pedagogue, I have always thought a lot about the difference between teaching children together or individually. If you know at least something about pedagogy, then you can probably come to the conclusion that I was inspired by Jean-Jacque Rousseau.

His idea was that every child has to grow up alone to discover its own individuality. For example, a boy or a girl should explore the world with their teacher (pedagogue), and once they are ready to make their own conclusions and once they have really ‘crafted’ their own personality, preferences, and unique ideas, only then they are able to study in groups.

dsfdIf children start learning in groups since they are at a very early age, they will probably become conformists and won’t be able to develop their uniqueness. And yes, I completely agree with Jean-Jacque Rousseau. Yet, not all is still black or white. At the list below, you will be able to read more about the benefits of group and individual study.

Let’s start with individual teaching first. Here are the benefits of it:

*They will listen to their intuition. When a child explores this world alone (together with one teacher/pedagogue), that means how that child will be able to express its own uniqueness and listen to its intuition. Can you imagine how boring this world be if we were all the same?

*Reaching the maximum. No one can reach its maximum if they study in groups only. Therefore, when a child is alone, learning about things and exploring everything with its own mind, only then will that child reach the maximum of its potential. In groups, some children who are shy or ‘different’ won’t even try to talk about anything because there will always be someone ‘louder’ than them who will be noticed first.

*Knowing themselves. Children who learn alone know themselves better. They are able to recognize their capabilities clearly. They know their hobbies since the early ages. How? Because they are not melted into the crowd and don’t depend on the opinions of others.

Okay, let’s see what are the benefits of group education and upbringing now.

*Empathy. It is believed how a child needs to be in a group to develop empathy. Of course, that is not 100% true, yet, a child will easily and more likely express empathy easier and better that way.

*Socializing. You cannot socialize alone, right? Well, I have to agree with Rousseau once again. Children start socializing since their early ages (or better said since they are born), yet, nothing bad may happen if they socialize with their family and relatives until the age of 7 only. Of course, keep in mind how every child is different.

*Learning by model. It is scientifically proven that children learn by a model. So, what they see they do. In groups, they have more models they can refer to. Yet, that sometimes isn’t good at all. Maybe your child admires some other child that isn’t behaving properly.

dafadsfOverall, not all is black or white. Group and individual learning both have their own good and bad sides. Yet, if you ask me, I would prefer individual teaching until the age of 7. Why? Because I believe our world needs more unique people and not those who just follow the crowd.

What is your personal opinion on this?

Do you believe that group teaching is better than an individual?

If so, why?

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