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Careers To Pursue Straight Out of High School

Careers To Pursue Straight Out of High School

Whether you’ve recently graduated high school or it’s been a few years, you may be searching for a new career opportunity. And if college isn’t the route for you, there’s plenty of options that rely on skills you can acquire without a college degree. Some of these jobs require empathy and patience—and all of them call for great communication skills. Other careers to pursue straight out of high school allow you to explore the world or help those in need. Here are some examples to consider.

Flight Attendant

Do you love traveling and want an excuse to get more worldly? As a flight attendant, you’ll keep passengers comfortable during travels. You may need to provide reassurance to nervous travelers or watch for disorderly behaviors. It’s your job to help keep the plane safe.

Nail Tech

Anyone with an eye for originality or a love for fashion should consider a job in the beauty industry. But some jobs in cosmetology require years of schooling. So, if you love following fashion trends, start searching for a job as a nail technician! After all, one of the most important skills of a great nail technician is creativity.

Personal Care Aide

A personal care aide is a great career to pursue straight out of high school if helping others makes you feel fulfilled! You’ll see the difference you make firsthand as you help individuals complete daily tasks. Usually, personal care aides need extra training for health certifications. For instance, you’ll likely need a CPR certification.

Customer Service Representative

Working as a customer service representative is perfect if you need a remote job and want hands-on experience working before going to college. As a customer service representative, you’ll help customers resolve problems and answer any questions they may have.


You don’t need a degree to start your own business. Better yet, when you create your own company, you’re the boss. If you have big ideas or a craft you want to begin making a profit from, start your own business. You could do anything from selling metalwork to creating hand-made clothing.


Speaking several languages is always advantageous. Start sharing your knowledge and become a translator. So long as you have great communication skills and understand both languages fluently, you’re sure to succeed!

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