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Is a brand name shampoo worth buying?

Does it really make any difference where you buy your hair products? Do you buy your shampoo online, from a hair salon, some mall or do you just grab the cheapest one in the supermarket aisle?

If you just search online for a bit about the info on shampoo, you’ll come across a hell of a lot of marketing. Brands make all sorts of claims about what their products can do for your head, and needless to say, Pantene and other big brands make over $8.2 billion a year!

Sinclair, professor of dermatology at the University of Melbourne claims that those shampoos aren’t any better than some ordinary ones, but they can even damage your hair and scalp if you don’t choose them properly!

sdfPeople just run around buying things some bloggers or YouTubers swear by. But be real – in our so-called modern society, everyone is just sponsoring something with a purpose to earn money!

What can be better and more profitable than using the Internet for such purposes? We have all those beauty gurus today that literally shape the way numerous ladies (and gentlemen) think about the beauty, such products, and even health!

You know what you pay for when you buy some brand shampoo, right? You pay for their ad. You pay for their marketing. You also pay their name! You don’t pay for the quality you get.

The funniest thing I see on shampoos is how there’s written something like: ”This one will fix your split ends!” I am not sure does that makes me laugh or angry more… Because nothing can fix that!

If you have just a 5 minutes of free time and want to research something online, I would highly recommend you to read a bit about hair and shampoo myths – everything will instantly become clear to you and you won’t ever again buy some branded shampoo (unless you start reading a sponsored post, right?).

What is shampoo and why do we use it in the first place? The main function of shampoo is to remove oil from your scalp and hair. It’s a detergent!

Dr. Waters says: “Other ingredients are there to add color to the shampoo, provide fragrance, keep the ingredients stable to increase shelf life, help the ingredients stay uniformly mixed and maintain a suitable pH.”

Laura Waters, professor of pharmaceutical analysis at the University of Huddersfield in the UK, says most shampoos clean away the oil with chemicals known as surfactants, such as sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), also known as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). “It’s the same way that soap or washing-up liquid works, simply stripping the hair of unwanted oils and dirt.”

So, it cannot fix those split ends? No, it cannot. I would highly recommend you to stop wasting your money on brand shampoos, and stop thinking about how it can fix some of your hair problems.

Your genetics, eating habits, and health conditions define the well-being of your hair and scalp. So, better buy some fresh veggies and lean fish if you want your hair to look better, rather than spending money on their marketing.

sdfgbAnd always keep in mind – numerous things on the web are just sponsored posts, so don’t believe if someone ‘swears’ by some ‘professional’ and ‘special’ shampoo. It doesn’t matter if they are coming from real people, they are just advertising!

Have you ever wasted a lot of money on shampoo and got disappointed?

Do you think that the Internet is filled with sponsored and marketing posts from bloggers and YouTubers?

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