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11 Ways Sleeping With Makeup Will Damage Your Skin

I believe how everyone is well aware of how sleeping with makeup can bring a lot of damage to the skin. Yet, are you truly aware of all the danger it can bring to you?

As a woman that loves makeup and wears it like nonstop, I needed to learn how to take proper care of my skin so makeup won’t affect the beauty and health of it.

adsThe first thing I have learned (and the most important one), is to take off my makeup before going to sleep.

Not sure what is the real danger of sleeping with makeup? Check out the list below and find out! I am completely sure how you will change that habit after reading this article.

Leftover makeup and your pores. If you haven’t taken off your makeup before going to sleep, or if you haven’t done that in the right way, you must know how the leftovers of it will close your pores and some harmful bacteria will damage your skin. So, you will wake up with a grey looking and itchy skin. And yes, the bacteria is causing you that itch. Just awful, right?

Conjunctivitis. This one is definitely serious. If you go to sleep with mascara and eyeliner on, you may get an eye infection. In that case, you will need to see a doctor and get some medication. I think how you won’t be that lazy about cleaning your skin before going to sleep anymore…

Wrinkles. No one wants to age faster, but if you are not practicing your evening beauty routine (and removing your makeup, of course), you are going to get wrinkles (before your friends do).

All those pimples… You may think about how you get those because of the foundation you use, but you actually wake up with those if you don’t remove the makeup before going to sleep. Why would you risk to get pimples this way?

Your skin will become dry. Makeup definitely makes your skin drier, but that is not that huge problem because nowadays foundations have better formulas and most of the times come with some powerful antioxidants, oils, vitamins or you name it. But, what happens when you don’t clean your face before going to sleep? It becomes drier and drier with time, and at some point, even your ‘powerful’ face creams won’t be able to help you recover it.

dsfsdYour eyelashes. If you want to have pretty and long eyelashes, that means how you need to take care of them properly. The best tip I have for that is to use ricin oil for your eyelashes every day. Oh wait, did I mention how your eyelashes will start to fall out if you don’t remove your makeup before going to bed?

Chapped lips. You will 99% get chapped lips if you don’t clean your face every evening. And you must admit how your favorite lipstick won’t look that good on chapped lips, right?

A rash. If you didn’t know, you can develop a rash if you sleep with your makeup on. Keep in mind how makeup is full of different irritants you should clean from your skin – EVERY NIGHT!

Your skin won’t have time to recover. Your skin recovers when you sleep. It gets rid of toxins. And you guess how yours is not able to do that if you sleep with makeup on from time to time, right?

You won’t be that pretty anymore. If you sleep with makeup on even twice a week (which is too much), you will realize that you are not that pretty anymore. You will look like you have been partying 24/7.

Your pillowcase. Your pillowcase will become the kingdom of harmful bacteria if you sleep with your makeup on. So, be sure to take your makeup off every evening, clean your face, and change your pillowcase every week.

adfafDid you know about all these dangers?

How many times have you slept with your makeup on?

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