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11 Biggest wedding spending regrets couples have

Planning a wedding can be a bigger expense than expected and sometimes it’s tough to decide where you should spend your hard-earned money. If you want to escape unnecessary wedding expenses, or if you are just curious what are the biggest couple’s wedding regrets, take a look at the list below.

Flowers everywhere… Did you know that couples approximately spend $3,500 on flowers? Yes, that’s right… And although those may be really beautiful, at the end of your wedding, flowers mostly end up in the garbage can…

Photographer. Numerous couples claim that they regret hiring some ‘special’ and ‘professional’ photographer for their wedding. Instead, they say how the best option would be to ask some of their friends to take photos, or at least, to find someone whose hobby is photographing.

The wedding dress. Of course, there are many ladies worldwide who dream of having a traditional wedding dress. Yet, that may latter be your biggest spending regret as well. A simpler dress is a better option, and it can be later worn for many other special occasions.

asfcasEndless decor items. Yes, those knickknacks on the tables may look cute, but later it will literally just end in your basement. Couples claim how they should have chosen simpler decoration.

Your ideal dessert table. Your guests will be full enough and barely anyone will later eat from that fancy dessert table. At the end of your wedding party, you two will find yourself with countless leftovers.

The venue. Couples claim that spending so much of their hard-earned money on the venue was later something they regretted. Advice? Save that money for your honeymoon.

What about bridesmaid’s dress? Bridesmaid dresses are another ‘hidden’ cost barely anyone thinks of (on time). But couples claim that they have regretted spending so much money on those because girls rarely wear them later (or ever again).

And of course, the additional food… People claim that they were very worried if everyone will have enough food to eat at their wedding. And they have thought about solving that problem with paying even extra more money for additional food. You can guess by yourself how those were later just leftovers.

Themed decorations. Some couples like to choose a wedding theme decoration, and most of them have later regretted that. Why? Because it costs too much. When you have some special decoration, you have to search for special items, and of course, spend more money on that.

Inviting too many people. You should really think about the invitations on time. Don’t just invite people because you want your wedding to be a big one. Wouldn’t it be better to spend it with people who really love you and who are really happy about your wedding?

adfssdfPaper invitations. Numerous couples claim that they have regretted paying for paper invitations. Today, you can really do it all through an email, for example. There are countless free apps and almost everyone is able to create an amazing, funny, and beautiful wedding invitation by themself.

Do you have some wedding regrets?

Do you think that people spend too much money on their wedding parties?

Which of these facts have reminded you of your own wedding?

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