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Wireless Cellular in the USA – this is what you need to know

How much do you know about wireless cellular in the USA? Let’s make it simple and start this article with pure facts that will easily open your eyes. This is what you should know…


*1G in 1970, Autism rate, 1 in 10,000.*


*2G in 1990, 1 in 1.000.*


*3G in 2004, 1 in 166.*


*4G in 2010, 1 in 100.*


*5G now, 1 in 59.*




Horrible facts are in front of us – did you know that in the next 20 or 30 years, 50% of US children will have Autism by the time they are 12? Unbelievable…


The EMFs penetrate the cellular wall and put the mitochondria into defensive mode and keep them there. The damage to mitochondrial DNA by EMFs is exponentially worse in a human that is being formed than it is to an adult.


The universe is electrical, the physical world is the frequency and the spiritual world is vibration. 5G allows for frequency manipulation of the physical world.

asfdwefAT&T (Dallas, Atlanta, Waco, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Oklahoma City) and Verizon (Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento) started rolling out 5G VR-WIFI last year. This is not the -year-old 5g on your home wireless phone… Anyone using 5G outside of these locations is using Frequency range 1 which is less than 6 GHz. Understand that all previous cellular services use radio Frequency range 1. 5G/5th gen is using frequency range 2, which is 24GHz – 90GHz at ground level. The frequency range 4 is 200Ghz and above from satellites.


This is the millimeter wave (based on the length of waves) section of the spectrum. It is classified as Extremely High-Frequency Non-Ionizing Radiation. 24GHz = 24 billion electromagnetic waves per second. 5G hits every cell in your body with amplitudes that are exponentially stronger than 4G. The frequency at which 5G operates is instantly adjustable.


The compact nature of millimeter waves results in heavy interference from just about everything. This limits the distance a signal can travel as well as being a line of sight only. Water molecules in the air, for example, can cause a heavy loss in signal strength. The only way to compensate for these issues & still deliver the bandwidth promised with the Internet Of Things, is to have 5G transmitters on every telephone pole in the country, in every room of every public building in the country, smart meters, and Space-x’s Starlink 40,000 5G satellites and their competitors.


In order to combat penetration and line of sight issues, the new (Small Cell) transmitters have the ability to engage multiple, focused beams (Beam Forming) that automatically tracks every WIFI receiving device that comes into its signal range for the purpose of connectivity (MIMO Multiple Input, Multiple Output). Uploading and downloading happens simultaneously on the same beam (Full Duplex).


Have you ever thought about it this way? Do you know what’s the worst thing here? Well, there are many you should be aware of and afraid of…


It causes: abnormal heart rhythms, cardiac arrest, fainting, strokes, cancers and tumors, seizures, headaches and migraines, nausea and vomiting, nosebleeds and ear bleeding, insomnia and sleeps abnormalities, rashes, burns, or other skin reactions, eye problems, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, ear, eye, or heart pain, edema, hearing ringing or buzzing, memory and concentration problems, high blood pressure, difficulty regulating blood sugar, spontaneous abortions, higher than normal rates of birth defects, mental health problems including depression, anxiety, agitation, and suicidal thoughts, muscle weakness and loss of energy (due to mitochondrial dysfunction), paralysis, joint pain, urinary urgency, and electromagnetic sensitivity (intolerance to microwave or EMF emissions — recognized by the U.S. Access Board in 2002).”


Still using it every day?


It is obvious that we are exposed every day to harmful radiation from both natural & man-made sources. Unless you live under a cell tower or high power lines, that radiation amounts to a misting in most cases, in order for 5G to work, it will be like jumping in the ocean. The reason they put a lead vest on when you get an X-ray is EXACTLY the reason the FCC refused to do any safety testing on 5G.


For this purpose, the FCC has long held that only Electro-Magnetic Frequency radiation that produces heat is a danger, this is blatantly dishonest. Consumer microwave ovens usually use 2.45GHz, they would have you believe multiplying the frequency output by a minimum of 1000% is safe because it no longer produces heat! The MRI, CAT Scan & X-ray machines don’t produce heat either, how awkward do you feel every time you get under one of these machines & everybody else runs for cover leaving you to face the radiation onslaught alone.

asfwwefwerMicrowatts per square meter is how they measure Electro-Magnetic Frequency Exposure & 2.5 is the highest amount reported to be safe as of 2013. The amount measured when laying a meter on a new ATT residential 5G router was 1800+. Now make that commercial & Imagine the overlap & Omni-directional Milli-beam bombardment of walking through a mall, school, city street & your 1000+ living room doesn’t seem so bad anymore.


This is the technology they use at airports to see through your clothes. The military has been using millimeter waves for at least 40 years & they can put you to sleep, or stop you from absorbing oxygen. The frequency the electron spins at in the oxygen atom is 60Ghz. Ground-based 5G operates between 24Ghz and 90Ghz. If they operate it at 60Ghz, they can spin the electron in such a way that the atom can no longer be absorbed by the body. They could literally boil the water in your skin by exciting the water molecules, but they don’t need to because, at 130 degrees, it feels like you are on fire and instantly neutralizes any human threat.


I can only imagine the things they could do to your brain, but it might explain why, for as long as I can remember, there have been non-stop zombie movies.


They’re called Directed Energy Weapons & are focused on electromagnetic energy. Your brain tells your body to function with an electromagnetic signal. If you still doubt the power of this technology, look up the Hutchison effect. Nikola Tesla was just too soon, they weren’t ready to use his tech against us yet.


As you have realized by yourself after reading all of this, the new diseases that come are easily explained – everything around us is poisoned and is making our bodies ill. Not to mention how our future generations of children live…


You probably know at least someone young suffering from some rare or autoimmune disease, and I am also sure that you know a couple that is fighting to conceive.


Everything that is happening around us is collectively making this society extinct and disappear forever. Maybe they will leave us to work sick and tired for them, to make their lives interesting and their wallets full…


I have a deep feeling that everything related to technology will have to come to an end soon. This is like pre-Armageddon time.

Do you feel it too? Like we crossed the line like it’s all gonna explode at some point…


Do you feel that different things are affecting the way you feel and think?

Can you imagine this world without ”technological achievements?”

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