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What diet effort can I make to flatten my stomach?

Having a flat stomach is a dream of so many people, especially those who are trying to lose weight and improve not only their looks but also their health. Stomach fat is linked with different types of heart diseases, and is definitely worse than fat on the hips, for example.

If you’re ready to flatten your stomach, know that you can achieve amazing results just by following these tips and tricks:

1. Have ONLY 2 meals a day. It’s very important you stop snacking and eating every hour of the day. Stick to a meal schedule and make sure you eat at this particular time every day. This will help you increase absorption of the nutrients and also help your body switch in and out of burning fat. Note on meals:  Make sure to have these 3 macronutrients at every meal, so you won’t become hungry that fast. People who want to flatten their stomachs must think about getting rid of bloating, and that’s exactly where fewer meals can help you.

Shot of a young woman making a healthy smoothie at home

2. Use your hands to measure portions. Your stomach is the exact size of your hand. We often forget that our stomach isn’t a garbage can, so we can throw anything we want into it.

3. Cut out sugar. You don’t need to cut all sugars, but the more – the better. Don’t eat white wheat bread and pastry, those will not only make you fat but also bloated. Too many carbs can make your entire body look and feel bulky. This happens because carbohydrates make your body retain water.

You are probably not even aware of how much sugar you eat on a daily basis. It is often “hidden” in different groceries like ketchup, yogurt, salad dressing, and many others. There are also many people who are insulin resistant without knowing (in short – your body can’t burn fat at a normal rate). Once you remove sugar, you can finally give your body a chance to detox, heal and switch up to fat for fuel. When we say sugar, we mean really get in there and remove the sweets, the soft drinks, the alcohol, that pancake syrup, or those fruits.

4. Don’t eat fruit after the meal. Too many people still don’t know that fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach only. If you, for example, take a banana after a meal full of proteins or let’s say – meat, your body will first try to digest what you’ve eaten first. So, it will try to digest meat, which can take up to more than 10 hours, while bananas would be digested in an hour. This means that fruit will stay in your stomach and literally become rotten, which will make your entire stomach bloat, and your gut acidic.

5. Choose your food wisely. Always opt for: A) Protein (meat: chicken, beef, salmon, or vegan protein source). B) Complex carbohydrates: i.e brown rice (please avoid white rice, this thing is basically sugar once it enters your system), C) A good fat source: avocado, eggs, nuts, coconut oil… D) Be sure that you eat enough fiber – veggies. 

As you can see, it’s actually not that hard. You should follow some simple rules which will easily become your new healthy routine.

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