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Top 9 Money-Saving Secrets – What Big Banks Will NEVER Tell You

Searching for some ”hidden” ways to save more money? The good news is that you probably don’t know all about saving, and the bad news is that they are constantly trying to trick you into spending more.

Okay, let’s fight against that together. Below, you will find 9 new ways to save money and the bank is not happy that I am telling you this, trust me…


Use PAD, Pre-Authorized Debit. Don’t like banks? They don’t like you either if you pay off your credit card every single month. If you didn’t know, banks consider such customers as ”free-riders”. Be sure to set up a PAD automatically and never get into debt again. Not to mention you won’t pay interest any more.

Think about your interest rates. And negotiate about them. Just make that one call to your bank and hear all they can offer about different interest rates. And no, they won’t tell you about the best deals on their own, you have to ask. Congratulations on that call.

werfwerweThe credit limit block is awesome. Be sure that you put a block on your credit limit. Exceeded that limit for so many times? No, banks are not your best friends. For every such action, they take from you like $25 or more.

Balances. The best would be to transfer those down to 0%. How to achieve this? Apply for the balance transfer card. Then, you need to provide your credit card number and bank’s name. Now, select the amount of the balance you want to be transferred to your app. That’s it. The bank does other tasks.

You don’t need that new card… Thinking about getting a new credit card because that bank offers free flights and vacations just if you get one? I know the urge is huge, but nothing is for free. You will pay for all that later. So, really, get it out from your head – you don’t need that new credit card.

Stop pitying them, they are not as nearly robbed as most of us think. One more big secret that banks hide from you is that they are not the victims. Many times you’ll hear how some bank was robbed, etc. It happens sometimes, but as nearly as much as they claim. So, you are the one who is being constantly robbed by their secrets.

Improving your credit score. Do you believe that you must go into debt to improve your credit score? False. You can easily build a great credit score, let’s say of 850, just by paying off your balances soon. Keep in mind, when it comes to banks, paying off anything is always better sooner than later.

werwMaking a copy of legal monetary bills? Let’s talk about some hidden huge fines for a bit. If you have ever made a copy of the legal monetary bill, even if it wasn’t something important, don’t repeat that ever again. That’s actually illegal and is often punishable. Why would you spend even more money because they haven’t told you what is against the law?

ATM. Don’t use ATM too often because their fees are just too high. As simple as that. Pay with your card rather than using the ATM machine all the time.


Did you know about these bank’s secrets?

How else do they try to trick us?

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