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Long-Distance Relationship Dos and Don’ts

It can be challenging to maintain long-distance relationships. Here are some long-distance relationship dos and don’ts to keep your connection strong.

Do Keep Communication Open

Life can get hectic, but you should remember to check in with your significant other throughout the day. Let them know you’re thinking about them even though you can’t physically be in the same space at the moment. Sending text messages throughout the day with phone calls and Skype sessions mixed in is a healthy way to keep conversations going with your partner. However, you should also make sure you’re giving your partner space and not oversaturating your time with them.

Don’t Let Temptation Get to You

It can feel lonely even when you’re in a relationship if you can’t touch or be around your partner. It’s important not to let those feelings of loneliness lead you to become unfaithful. Be honest with your significant other; let them know if you’re having feelings of doubt or are missing their physical contact. Remind yourself how much you love them and resist the urge to do something behind their back you might regret.

Do Celebrate the Holidays and Other Special Days

Holidays represent special times that you can plan around. Therefore, a do on our list of long-distance relationship dos and don’ts is to spend holidays together in some form. Take some time out of your day to open Christmas presents together or cook a Thanksgiving meal on Skype. Even if you’re away from each other, you can make your anniversary feel like the big moment that it is. These are opportunities to make memories that will last a lifetime. When you’re finally together, you can reflect on how far you’ve come.

Don’t End the Day on a Bad Note

It can be challenging to know what’s on your partner’s mind when you aren’t with them as often as you’d like. Things can get lost in translation over text or on the phone, and you can’t always explain tone or give context over these mediums. If your partner becomes noticeably upset, talk with them over video chat or a phone call and describe your feelings. Minor issues can build up to significant problems when we dwell on them for a long time.

Do Find Time To See Each Other In Person

Talking with your partner every day is nice, but it can’t replace the feeling of being physically close. Make plans to visit each other as often as possible. These plans will give you something to look forward to and will build up your anticipation to meet. When you finally do see each other, your shared moments will be all the more special.

Don’t Stalk Their Social Media

You can spend hours poring over your partner’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but this isn’t healthy for a relationship. You might find things that bring up feelings of jealousy or create problems out of thin air if you look long enough. Trust your partner, and if you find yourself feeling like something they’ve posted hurts or offends you, bring it up to them privately.

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