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Is there a global fall in happiness – Our world is unhappier than ever!

It seems like how our hopes and dreams have become a little bit forgotten in some of the previous years. You know what I mean – the pandemic, the new normal, loss of trust to literally anybody, and now we have 3rd world war around the corner and the loss of freedom in countless ways.

I remember the 2000s. In my country, which has literally felt the first air after the conservatives and war – it felt like a new beginning. It felt like we will be able to do literally anything – or better said, to live our lives in a way as we always should. To follow our talents and to become the best versions of ourselves. Of course, that didn’t last for too long, and since I hit my 20s and entered the faculty, I’ve realized that my dreams were “too high” and that the government has some other plans for us.

Yet, it’s truly weird for me to realize that we live in 2022 and that we don’t have the same rights as 70 years ago, or better said – we have lower rights. We have become the victims of the entire planetary system. And now, this entire war. But it’s not all about the war. It’s about what banks did to us in the previous decades. They have pumped money for so long that they cannot even control it, so they are trying to find an excuse for our behavior. We are not behaving “this or that”, and “cannot be controlled”. Are you serious?

Yes, this world is not good. And you are probably sad if you are intelligent. Wherever you look around, you’ll find misery. You’ll find only very rich and very poor. What about the middle class? They have done everything they could with the purpose to brainwash and start controlling the working class. Unfortunately, I must admit that they have probably succeeded in their mission.

You can feel it – there is a global fall in happiness. Our world is becoming unhappier than ever. Why is that so, have you ever wondered? Is it because of the Internet and fake values, or it is because they have cooked us like a frog? Slowly, but 100% – we are cooked and doomed.

If you are in your middle ages and wondering how can you support your family in these hard times, you are probably worried about the same problems as others. Will we have a nuclear war? Will you lose your job? Will your children become the best versions of themselves, due to the strong influence that’s coming from sick minds? Will you be able to buy bread and milk tomorrow, after this winter passes? Or will your entire salary’s worth will be nothing just because a few “smart” bank “owners” have decided to print tons of money for their own hidden purposes.

What you can actually do is turn to your inside self. Don’t forget who you are. Don’t forget your worth. Try your best to endure hard times, but definitely stand against anything that attacks kindness and our humanity that’s striving for good.

Do you feel this lack of happiness as well?

In your opinion – who are the main evil people who control the entire society and our planet?

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