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Should businesses invest a little bit more into our society? (+where to start)

If you have thought about all the ways that exist when it comes to investing in our society, you have probably got an idea of how businesses also should improve it, right? The truth is, we all need to demand how it is highly likely that businesses are able to create a very positive impact on our society. Investors are also the ones that are able to do it. Let’s see how this is able to be achieved in real life!

Investing in which company? This is definitely a question socially conscious investors should ask themselves. It is a must to invest in those companies with vision, and not thinking about profits all the time. For example, renewable energy storage companies are the right choice.

afddsGoals. Many people are only thinking about investment goals, while they are forgetting about the importance of their core mission. If someone wants to show the real world impact, it is a must to use some ”psychological tricks”. It is proven how numbers really have psychological power that makes something look finally important. For example, when people talk about some disease, they may say how the whole city got it, or call it an epidemic. But, if there is a number of how many people got such disease, people actually realize how serious a situation is. So, not only talking about something but also focusing on the measurable results is a must!

”Fake picture”. Every company has a slogan or a motto, or at least most of them does. Let’s say that an investor wants to find a company which claims to be completely ‘kind and loving’. They may create such a motto which shows them in the good way, but if the situation in their company is not what they claim it to be, it is a must to realize if there are some ways for that company to change their bad behavior or to show them some example.

We all must understand how today, social impact is a competitive advantage. The investors can be able to change every bad behavior of some companies because the companies also know how they won’t be able to benefit much if they continue with their ‘policy’.

All those campaigns… We can see literally countless campaigns all around us with different messages, but most of them are in some way related to helping people. It is a must to check if such campaigns are actually doing what they claim to do or is that just their marketing trick. This fact can be definitely connected with the one above for a clearer picture. We don’t want to have fake philanthropists in our society. That is not the way how our world will become better! Also, a lot of money is spent on such campaigns, and if we are not cautious about it, we all may stay empty-handed and without a completed goal (which is, of course, to improve society).

adfsEmployees. When it comes to the employees, the best would be to think about those people who don’t have jobs but also live with some physical or mental problem. In that way only, our society will become less poor and happier. What can be more important than that?

Do you know some other ways which would function in this case?

With which fact do you agree the most?

What would you change in our society?

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